Ornament & Crime

Ornament & Crime

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN
DuoRockArt Rock

"Together, armed with their instruments and a wealth of creativity...[they bring] to the arena their own version of a scuzzy, high energy strut." - Red On Black Music


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Ornament & Crime, formed by Tom Hudson and Suzy King, are spontaneous performers inspired by storytelling, architecture and old films. Their music is described as avant-garde minimalism, hard-hitting and peculiar amongst the odd.

The pair first met in elementary school, where they had both been listening to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, without having yet been allowed by their parents to see the film. Meeting again years later in art school, they eventually formed a band named after an essay written by an architect.

UNBUILT is their first LP, they have previously released three works self-recorded to analogue tape; two EP's, Hire Horse and Burglaries and a full length demo, Houndstongue. UNBUILT was released Sept 7th, 2017 kicking off their cross Canada tour to Halifax.

“Form follows function” - Adolf Loos