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"Ornaments: Sound of Ottawa 2012"

What: Ornaments keep rock’n'roll rugged in the 613.

Who: David Pierce (guitar, vocals, from St. John’s, NL), Kevin Kozachanko (drums, percussion, from Espanola, ON), Jay Lamothe (bass, vocals, from Espanola, ON)

About: Ornaments began decorating their musical tree in 2009, making open-minded rock’n'roll with a taste for the subtle. "We’re influenced by a whole lot of classic rock, punk, pop and indie," explains guitarist and vocalist David Pierce. "But anything is fair game stylistically – give us anybody who makes authentic, soulful music with intriguing subject matter." A Newfoundlander, Pierce has a third eye on life in Ottawa. "I came to Ottawa thinking, maybe somewhat unfairly, that it was this ultra-conservative government town – and maybe there’s a little bit of truth in that. But I have come to realize how amazing people are at taking the stereotype and using it. As an artist, it’s kind of great in a twisted way to be in the same town as a federal government generally considered to be one of the least artist-friendly of our times. Look at the U.K. punk scene of the late 70s or the D.C. punk scene of the 1980s – there are some parallels there." Drummer Kevin Kozachanko gets straight to the point about the band’s name. "Ornaments are very decorative. Not in the Christmas holiday way most people think of, but in the way we take modern rock’n'roll and let it flourish with natural energy, ruggedness and honesty. We try to remind the listener what good rock’n'roll songs are all about." - Ottawa (X)press

"Introducing Ornaments"

Blood Vessels...

...is the title of Ottawan band Ornaments’ first full-length, recorded and mixed by Dean Watson at Gallery Recording Studios. The group was clearly having a blast on stage at the Elmdale Tavern during the launch-party thrown for this much-awaited release. XPress reader, this is Ornaments. And now that the introduction has been properly made, the party carries on online at www.ornamentsband.com and at your local indie record store. - Ottawa (X)press

"Ornaments release debut album “Blood Vessels”"

Last Tuesday, November 22, Ornaments released their debut album, Blood Vessels. This album follows their 2010 self-titled EP. Independently released, the album was recorded and mixed at Gallery Recording Studios by Dean Watson and mastered by bova sound’s Phillip Victor Bova. Blood Vessels is available at Ottawa record stores and online at Ornaments’ website, as well as through various digital music retailers.

The release of this record comes after an already successful year for the band, having played their first set at Bluesfest and winning a $5000 first round victory in Live 88.5's annual Big Money Shot. Next up, the band plans to tour to support Blood Vessels, and they’ve already begun work on their next album.

Having been a fan of Ornaments since their first EP, I’ve previously said their “classic rock meets 2011 meets what they describe as a ‘fine line between ferocious and melodic’ means that there’s no such thing as too much of these guys”. Others agreed, including i(heart)music, who said “Ornaments’ debut gives ample reason for checking them out and watching where they go”.

The classic rock staples that we loved on the EP are carried into Blood Vessels, but this time there’s more. You’ll hear their classic fuzzed out rock with added “subtle organ and keyboard flourishes and lush vocal harmonies, that push the band’s sound into new sonic territory”. They’ve ventured into this new territory expertly well, putting out an album that’s an expanded and graduated version of the Ornaments we love.

The cover of the album, above, was shot by Jamie Kronick at Ottawa’s Elmdale House Tavern, which is fitting, because that’s where they celebrated the release of their new album on November 19th. As Ottawa Xpress explains, “the group was clearly having a blast and their introdcution has been properly made”.

As mentioned, the band will continue to tour to support Blood Vessels, so while you’re on their website checking out their new album, but sure to also look for updates on where you can find them.

Congrats Ornaments on a job well done – we look forward to seeing more of what’s to come from you! - Audiocassettetape

"Best of 2011: Favourite Albums"

20. Ornaments, Blood Vessels
There's a reason classic rock from the '60s has endured as long as it has: at its best, it's a whole lot of fun. Ornaments understand that, and they channel the spirit of the '60s (with a special emphasis on The Who) throughout Blood Vessels to spectacular effect. - i(heart)music




Anyone Is Me
Go Go Go


Spend Your Time
Let's Head Home
Can't Sleep


YELLOW DRESS (Single) - 2011

Yellow Dress



Evil Bastards
Blue Sky
Sexy Portfolios
Red Letter
Show Them Your Soul



Joining brute protopunk force with earthy grooves, Ottawa-based 3-piece Ornaments walks that fine line between ferocious and melodic.

Formed in the summer of 2009, the trio has been gaining steady buzz for its energetic live shows; reconnecting classic, fuzzed out rock with its roots as a raw, rebellious and communicative art form.

Since debuting at the acclaimed Black Sheep Inn in August 2009, the band has played numerous well-received shows in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and St. John's, as well as releasing its eponymous debut EP.

Ornaments first full-length record, "Blood Vessels" was released on November 22nd, 2011. Blood Vessels was recorded and mixed at Gallery Recording Studios (Ottawa) between July and October 2011 by Dean Watson (The Murder Plans, Jetplanes of Abraham, The Love Machine) and was mastered by bova sound’s (Feist, Stars, Zeus) Phillip Victor Bova.

Interestingly, the genesis of the record dates back to the winter of 2010-2011when the band decamped to a condemned bungalow in Ottawa’s west end to write and record demos for what would become Blood Vessels. Dubbed “Bungalow Mansion” by its residents, which included Beaulieu, the structure housed several local musicians and figured prominently in the album’s organic, raw feel; it has since been dismantled and relocated to an undetermined location in Quebec.

2011 was a highly successful year for Ornaments, featuring the group’s first Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest appearance and a $5000 first round victory in Live 88.5’s annual Big Money Shot. The group plans to tour in support of Blood Vessels and has already begun preparing material for its follow up LP.