Ominous cutting undertones clash with elegant leads amidst a minimalistic layout. Bringing live original keyboard musicianship to the electro dance world. Atmospheric and thought invoking, Orogenic will tap into your body and mind.


Some may argue there are two kinds of music goers, dancers and those enticed with the creation of it. Orogenic, satisfies not only those needs, but goes further in combining intense emotion with the urge to move your body.
Coming from a slew of somewhat traditional band lineups, Jeremiah Brown has contributed to rock, reggae, jazz, jam, and electro projects. Having developed into a dramatic songwriter, he is pursuing a sound that has been developing slowly through each of those preceding bands. Most notably in Chalo and The Royal Jelly, Brown pushed the standard with song structure and genre boundaries. The only common band member in those two projects was wind modulator player Christian Carree. Even with a bass player, the music still had an electric quality. Now, Brown explores maximizing the energy that you can fit into a serene environment.
Having embraced the technological side of music as a youth, Trivette, has had his hands in turntabalism, beat production, songwriting, and anything to do with live electronics for over ten years. With Oort Cloud, Trivette produced music for a dark world dance beat minimalist ear.


album coming soon

Set List

All original material written by Jeremiah Brown and arranged live by Greg Trivette
Big Top
Cello Bitch
The Chaste
Biza on Machine
Finesse Quest
Mapped Maze
Matt's Mix
Custom set length to fit desired situation
Minimum 45 min set
Maximum 2 hr set
1-3 sets