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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Fort Collins Local Gift Guide"

[Orooni is] “…up-and-coming on the local jam band and hippy funk circuit. Bands like…Orooni are spreading the groove outside of Fort Collins and giving hope to local crunchies that one day they can roam arena parking lots and say, ‘I saw these guys when they were playing at Conor’s.” - Josh Johnson, Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, Fort Collins, CO - Rocky Mountain Bullhorn

"Local Show Reviews"

“Phil Salvaggio, the guitarist and principal songwriter, displayed fluency in his playing, melodically colorful at times and chaotically shredding at others. He demonstrated that he cam make a statement and tell a story in his playing, one that can be adventurous, funny, ambient, and at times dark-- the trademarks of the best jam band guitarists.” Mike Mckinly, State of Mind Magazine, Burlington VT - State of Mind Magazine

"Music Review"

“[Gwen] Grimes in particular shines, displaying obvious technical skill accompanied by an innate sense of when to overload and when to sit back and add color.” – Tim Stout, Glide Magazine.com - Glide Magazine

"The Scene Review"

“where Salvaggio’s rapid-fire, intelligent phrasing and Grimes’ sweet, flowing keys work combine to catch the ear, Orooni’s rhythm corner makes the Pumas™ pound the pavement.” - Joe Shipley - The Scene Music Magazine

"Orooni in Telluride"

"The quartet borrows its name from Jack Kerouac, in reference to a quote from "On the Road." Their sound is as beatnik as their name, and their moody, fluidly melodic playing is reminiscent of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Their music reminds me of the turn the Beatles took when they went 'transcendental' and started incorporating the Indian sitar into their songs. Cool, man." --Sandy Beach, Telluride Daily Planet - Telluride Daily Planet

"Orooni at Fly Me To The Moon"

"This band, originally from Ohio and now settled in Fort Collins, a town on the verge of overtaking Boulder in its jamming prowess, also has a unique quality -- a strong female presence. They are no Lez Zeppelin and have only one woman in the band, but lead singer Gwen has an enormous impact on their sound. This by no means infers a girly presence, unless you would call Janis Joplin girly. Gwen's keyboard playing also lays down the rhythmic fabric that holds the band together. Orooni adds a refreshing element to the familiar jam band sound." -- Mark Steele, the Telluride Watch - Telluride Watch

"Orooni Brings the Swoon"

"Up and coming hippy funksters Orooni close out this week's music at Sandbar on Tuesday. A musically tight quartet from Colorado, they are a band who will lull a crowd into a false sense of security with a slowly building jam before exploding into noise and action to blow through the audience like a tornado" -- Ben Quirk, Vail Daily News - Vail Daily News

"Orooni at Aqurian Concepts Community"

"...versatile and progressive 4 piece band from Colorado..." -- Aquarian Concepts Community 02.04.06 - Aquarian Concepts Community


Orooni has recorded one EP of 3 songs (as a 3 piece - before guitar was added) at CB Studios in Greeley, CO. The band has also been distributing live tracks from recent live shows played in regular rotation on KCSU and KRFC in Fort Collins, CO.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Orooni is an energy that can best be expressed on stage. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Gwen and Stu have played together in Brokedown Sound and Sens. Sens recorded one album, “Slide”, to good reviews (‘Glide’, ‘The Columbus Dispatch’) and played many venues around the country. Allan relocated from Chicago to Fort Collins. He has toured nationally since the age of 20, mainly as the bass player for Starrunner. Phil spent three years touring with his former band, Rezi, along the east coast. Phil has sat in on guitar with notable bands such as Particle, Sam Kinniger Band (Soulive), and the Breakfast. Individually, the members of Orooni have played over 500 shows throughout the United States. This foursome has traveled the country to find each other in Colorado and the result is intense.

Orooni’s sound contains a balance of mind, heart, and soul. They draw from multiple influences that range from the Beatles and Kerouac to Mahavishnu Orchestra and Stephen King. This band takes pride in being able to soothe with heart warming songs, then explode with aggressive musicianship. Orooni balances strong songwriting, melodic vocals, and improvisation.

Gwen and Stu moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in April of ’05 to play music with Allan. Phil moved to Fort Collins in the winter of ‘05 and joined Orooni weeks after. Orooni has been evolving ever since.