Orphan Boy

Orphan Boy


Post Punk Power Pop delivered with Chip Shop Charm.


Orphan Boy are a powerful trio hailing from the Grimsby but who have since been adopted by Mancunian folk where they now reside as underground heroes, even being pitted against The Courteeners by the Manchester Evening News as ‘arguably, the more interesting prospect.’ with their dual front man assault they are hard and fast on the outside whilst retaining a lickable sing-a-long indie-centric middle. The threat of a lifestyle forever filleting fish culminated in their debut album Shop Local where wryly observed, darkly relayed tales of seaside wrong doings and grotesque caricatures came to life.

Reactions nationally to this recently released album ‘Shop Local’ have included Album of the Week by both Steve Lamacq (In New Music We Trust) and Huw Stevens (Introducing), eight out of ten in Rocksound, The Fly “Watch this lot VERRRRY closely, they should be huge”, Zane Lowe Radio 1 and MTV2 Gonzo plays, sessions and playlist on XFM, and BBC 6 Music ‘Featured Band Of The Week’ on Shaun Keaveney’s breakfast show.

Leading up to the album Orphan Boy released a line of amazing singles. Trophies Of Love was according to Steve Lamacq “the most played thing on my ipod” and Alderly Edge was Zane Lowe’s favourite both on Radio One and his MTV2 Gonzo show. They played Glastonbury for the last two years and after a killer double set this year Orphan Boy released a brand new single Stilettos, which will be featured on their second upcoming album, with b-side Ludwig a tale of bitter revenge in the form of a spouting rant by the supposedly scorned ghost of the composer from whom Beethoven stole original compositions to claim them as his own: and perhaps only Orphan Boy with their chip-shop charm could get away with the line “Ludwig you knob-head…”

It could be that this dichotomy is why their snowballing fan base is that most curious mix of hard-hitting headcases and genuine early-adopting music lovers. An initial glance at an Orphan Boy gig and the room is seething with the seaside masses known in their home turf as the ‘Bepob Council Pop Orphanite Anti-Social Brigade’ where home-scratched tattoos pay testament to living and breathing for the Orphanite cause. But scratch beyond the surface of this appreciative audience and you will find an assortment of individuals together feeding of the intensity of this live performance. They are truly winning hearts and minds across the board and you can’t help but feel that something enormous is lurking in the wings that means that Orphan Boy are with us for a very long and exciting haul.

“The next big thing in a long line of urban poets”

“Orphan Boy are not to fucked with. Watch this lot VERRRY closely. They should be huge”

“The may be a local band but they are definitely not just for local people”
Rock Sound 8/10

“What a killer debut”
Scootering 8/10

“Signs of fresh life on planet indie”
BBC Collective

“industry movers and shakers are getting weak around their cynical kneecaps after witnessing their ferocious blistering gigs”

“Massive things are predicted for these chaps, loud, fast and ace”
Pete Cashmore: Nuts

‘That most basic line-up of guitar, bass and drums has a habit of producing magic from the Jimi Hendrix Experience to The Jam – and so it is with Rob Cross, Smiffy and Chris Day…”
Manchester Evening News ****

See www.myspace.com/orphanboyuk for details.

Smiffy: Vocals /Guitar/ Bass Bob Cross: Vocals /Bass/ Guitar Chris Day: Drums




Written By: Rob Cross

On winter's nights, in my old room,
I'd lie awake, to watch the gloom,
Spread out, across the gardens
The silent buzz, of empty streets,
And rooftop snow, from window seats
For beating hearts that cannot sleep to ponder

Oh I was painting a picture without the words,
Of simple colours and secret worlds,
And I was casting my mind, behind the rooftops.
Getting hooked on the shadows looking through the lens,
To trace the patterns with felt tip pens
Cos I grew up with the sound, of England sleeping.

The damp would run, down the windowsill,
And through the glass, I'd feel the chill,
And look out, for long hours waiting,
In darkened rooms, I'd cut my teeth,
On morbid thoughts, that run benetah,
Those linen sheets, and rattle at my window.


Written By: Rob Cross

Every night I watch you burn,
Over a moonlight harbour, I watch those colours churn.
Every night I watch you shine,
Over the cool, black water, deep into my time and make me remember.

Loosen the locks and clamber free,
Run over the dew-soaked garden and slip between the trees,
Over the houses hangs a steam,
And away on the ghoulish water, the light is turning green.

One of these nights I know I'll crack, drawn to that eerie glitter,
Into the past I'll beat my track, back to the light, oh make me remember...

Everything sleeps, I disappear,
In a Maroon Mondeo, I wind down to the pier,
Throw off my keys, my watch and shirt,
Scatter my shoes and wallet, these memories they hurt but I can't remember.

Rubbing the goose fat on my skin,
I'm wading into the river-mouth right at the grin,
Beating my soul against the tide,
It's only the fools that make it across to the other side.

Some Frontier

Written By: Rob Cross

Where have all our children gone?
Miles away on Some Frontier
Where did all those young men go?
Miles away on Some Frontier
Scattered out like dust they go
Miles away on Some Frontier
What will all our history show?
Miles away on Some Frontier

We lost our boy, in Sarajevo
He took his chances, with all that's dear
We lost our boy, in Argentina, in Kandahar,
And no one knows...

Where have all our children gone?
Miles away on Some Frontier
Where did all those husbands go?
Miles away on Some Frontier
Scattered out like dust they go
Miles away on Some Frontier
What will all our history show?
Miles away on Some Frontier

We lost our pa, in Sarajevo
He took his chances, with all that's dear
We lost our pa, in Argentina, in Kandahar,
And no one knows...


All singles have received good specialist radio play. Taste-maker support has come from :-
Radio 1:- Zane Lowe (plus MTVGonzo), Steve Lamacq(album of the week), Huw Stephens(album of the week).
6 Music:- Sean Keaveney (Breaking Band of the week), Tom Robinson
XFM:- John Kennedy, Jim Gellatly, Clint Boon.
1st Single - Billy's England (Grace Records April 06)
2nd Single - Trophies of Love (Concrete 6th Nov 06)
3rd Single - Postcode (Concrete 30th Apr 07)
4th Single - Alderley Edge (Concrete 26th Nov 07)
5th Single - Satellites (Concrete 29th Mar 08)
1st Album - Shop Local (Concrete 7th Apr 08)
6th Single - Stilettos (Concrete 7th Jul 08)

Set List

45 minute set, no covers:-
Alderley Edge
Anderson Shelter Blues
The Promise
Orphan Boy
Trophies of Love
Mr Stephens