Orphaned Gears

Orphaned Gears


OG is psychedelic jazz punk combined with progressive composition and animated lyricism. Wailing, swooning trumpets; erratic, schizoid guitars; rowdy, melodic organs; and a monkey of a drummer that, collectively, shed and recongeal their persona like layers of an artichoke swimming in a vat of tar.


Coming from different sides of the tracks in August of 2006, two unlikely duos, Chris and Joe, and Ben and Alex, joined forces, realizing that they had more in common than their varied histories suggested. Chris Mandel, a free jazz extraordinaire, plays a uniquely effected horn that ads an otherworldly color to his tweaked and lilting melodies. Joe, a spasticly fierce guitar player, can produce the catchiest of riffs, inflict epic solos, as well as deliver walls of mind-melting reverberations. Ben is an accomplished songwriter/composer whose gypsy theatrics and indie sensibilities compliment his fiery lyricism, soft or growling vocals, and melodic keyboard stylings. Alex, a Berklee schooled world-beat percussionist as much as a self-taught punk drummer, lends his diversity and furry as only he could to this eclectic musical jambalaya.
When their paths first crossed over a year ago, they peered at each other through skeptical eyes as they prepared to play. With the first notes, inhibitions melted into a psychedelic swoon of pulses and breaths that gradually developed into an ever-mutating suite of raucous cadences. The possibilities were endless. A new sound was born.... a band was born.
Now with an album well under way, and another starting to rear its head from behind closed doors, Orphaned Gears ventures forth with an ambitious collection of songs and an endless pursuit to spill its sound into venues across the world.
Aside from recording and performing its unique blend of rock, Orphaned Gears provides music for promotional videos for the United States Peace Corp and local commercial establishments. In addition, it has done soundtracks for independent film and has just begun negotiations for creating original music for a nationally syndicated television program.


Skull and Bones

Written By: Ben Gallagher

How did the world get so fucked up?
All of our leaders are corrupt.
the good ol' boys of the skull and bones
they will take your children
they will take your home,
don't worry, though.
nothin' you can do nothin' you can say
they don't listen anyway.
so praise the lord and the war machine
that keeps us safe and warm.
as the empire grows like pinnochio's nose, a new battalion's born.
but all the gold in the world won't save their souls. and lockheed's greed won't stop the bleeding. all the lies won't save the lives of the children whose homes are being blown to smithereens.
the man makes the devil look like a tumbleweed.


Their first full length album is due out by early 2008.

Set List

All original. 1-2 hrs. depending on venue needs. In addition to somewhat more conventional songs (with vocals) we have a pretty large supply of instrumental music as well as improv.