Upton, Massachusetts, USA

Tyler Hilton is both a musician and an actor. He's known as the character "Chris Keller" on the hit CW show "One Tree Hill", and played the role of "Elvis" in the Academy Award winning film "Walk the Line". He has toured with Boyce Avenue, Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat and Gloriana.


SKA music has been around since the 80's. Our influences such as Reel Big Fish, Sublime, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Streetlight Manifesto, and Goldfinger have kept SKA going...ORPHEUS is here to make sure it stays.

ORPHEUS was chosen from a random, blindfolded, dictionary selection, and has created a group of talented musicians well beyond their years.

What started as a "garage band" of 16 year old guys in 2010 has quickly become a name in the area. In January 2010 they entered "The Grand" 2010 Battle of the Bands. They outplayed many bands with years of experience, walked away with enough money to buy the remainder of their gear..and the rest is history.

Performances have included the famous Whiskey A Go Go (Hollywood, CA), Turner Hall (Milwaukee), Celebrate De Pere, Summerfest Music Festival (4 times), Steelbridge Festival, Festival Foods Fireworks Over the Fox, Outagamie County Fair, EAA Hops & Props, Waterfest, Union Theatre in Madison, Jerry's Bait Shop (Missouri), Ball State University, Brown County Fair, Chill on the Hill (Milwaukee), St. Norbert College, UWGB, and many others.

SKA music is in their soul - creating a show that will make anyone move. With their non-stop "skanking", riveting vocals, incredible rhythm section, and a horn section that will blow you away....Orpheus is a must-see for anyone young or old!



Written By: ORPHEUS


8 guys, one restaurant
We’re not patrons that you’d want,
But the waitress is cute and we know her name,
Her life is changed, it’ll never be the same

We’re being loud, we’re being rowdy
But all the girls still wink and say howdy
Waitress is done and she’s ready to go,
But out comes boss man ready to blow.

He looks at us and then he says,
Please just leave the premises
We insult his place, made fun of his life
He runs for us as he screams!

Get up! Get out!
Dude what the hell (or heck) you yelling about?
We’re just kids and we want to have fun,
Kiss the waitress, then we run (chorus x 2)

Verse 2

8 guys, 8 paintball guns
To you it’s scary, to us it’s fun
We won’t the kids that are nice,
We’ll just paint the kids we don’t like.

Having fun just belling along,
Doing things adults would think wrong
Out of nowhere we see a cop
He turns on his sirens and then he stops

We paint his car red, blue, and yellow
There’s no way this cop would mellow
He gets out of the car as he runs for us
Pulls out his cuffs as he screams


Get up! Get out!
Mr. Officer what are you yelling about?
We’re just kids and we wanna have fun
Blow him a kiss and then we run (chorus x 2)

(chorus x 3)

Miss Adventure

Written By: ORPHEUS


Well I woke up just this morning in an unfamiliar place,
And sleeping soundly next to me, the most beautiful of faces
Shook the cobwebs from my mind, SURPRISE! To no avail
I was running solo; my mind was set on failure

She winked and said had fun last night,
As I dove through the window,
Believe or not, don’t wanna get caught
I had my heart inside my throat WOAH!

Sprinting shoeless down the street
With death threats on my tracks
I guess her dad was mad I spent
The night behind his back

And I’m asking myself
What the heck, happened last night?

And I can’t think straight, and I don’t know how I lost my memory
But I don’t need help, cause I don’t really think I want it back.

Verse Two:
So I’m sitting home alone now
Her names eludes my head
I mean what the H Is wrong with me I think I might be brain dead

Called my friends they sound like crap
Guess what’s even more?
They said I left the house last night with just some random, GIRL!!

And I’m asking myself
Who is this….mystery girl?

Well I looked inside my pocket, SURPRISE! I found a note
From my gorgeous Miss Adventure I believe that it was wrote
It said, “Boy I’m falling for you and I hope that you’ll be mine, my heart speeds up
It skips a beat when you pop in my mind”
And I’m asking myself…Why the heck, can’t I remember last night?

Outlaw Part 1

Written By: ORPHEUS


When I walk into the room,
Don’t everybody grab your gun
Yes, I’m a dangerous man, but
I’m just here for fun.
I’m on the run from the one they call the long arm of the law,
If you forget that I’m here than
I think we’ll get along

I’ve got my guns at my side
Please don’t make me make a scene
Cause I’m a dangerous man
Yes, I’m a killing machine

(solo break)

It seems that everywhere I go
All of these people know my name
All these posters on the wall
They cause my infamy..my fame.

They’re both the same
Life’s just a game
And you don’t have the guts to play
And just to win I’ve got to sin
So it’s ironic when I pray.

Tonight’s the night to do it right
The drinks on me so give a cheer,
But when you wake up in the morning know that I won’t be here
I’ll be gone

Then it switches to the fast past…
Just go if you forget me
You’ll survive and I hope you know how lucky you are
Just to be alive
Cause I’m dead end bad friends….
My heart is deceased.

So please just go away…
This dark black soul just needs its peace.
Cause I’m a dangerous man and I like to kill for fun, and a man like me..
Just happens to always be on the run.

This Song is For You

Written By: ORPHEUS


Do you know what it feels like
To be left all alone?
Love was the one thing that I'd never known
But now that I'm all grown up,
my eyes have opened now
I have made it by myself and this is how
Do you remember when you left?
Remember watching me cry?
So many nights I spend on my own just sitting,
wondering why
And sometimes I still wonder why you packed
and left so fast
But I guess it doesn't matter now;
I shouldn't cry about the past
I don't need you anymore. I don't need you. No, no, no.
This is my life now; it's the way I wanna go
You can say all that you want,
I've been here all the while
But every single little word you say to me
I'll just brush it off and smile, so
Leave my life. Let me be.
I got my friends with me
and that's all that I need, so
Leave my life. Can't you see?
I wrote this song to show you the things I can do without you
So many nights I spend on my own wishing you could be next to me
Praying to somebody up above, is He real? Could
He be?
But I can't put any of this on Him because I know
He's not the one to blame
It's your fault,
they were your decisions that made me never wanna hear your name
I don't need you anymore. I don't need you. No, no, no.
This is my life now. It's the way I wanna go
You can say all that you want,
I've been here all the while
But every single little word you say to me
I'll just brush it off and smile so
(Chorus) (solos) (Chorus)


Miss Adventure

Set List

Typical Set List consists of:

SKA, reggae, rock, 80's, 90's, and more from Billy Joel, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime, Streetlight Manifesto, Original, Big D and the Kids Table, Third Eye Blind, Less Than Jake, VanMorrison, A-Ha, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, and more