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Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland | INDIE

Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Orphic Oxtra - Crazy Balkan Fun"

The debut album by Balkan-style band Orphic Oxtra is a twisting, turning, flying all over the place kind of experience. The music swirls and swells down seemingly farcical paths and at times has the effect of making you want to do everything in double time when you listen to it—or, better yet, embark on crazy adventures in rundown vehicles. Very fun. The group consists of fourteen members and that play wide range of instruments: everything from horns to fiddles to accordions to drums. They have worked together to create an album which is both different and listenable, which not exactly an easy task. This is a good strong album, and a much-needed break from the radio friendly rubbish or too-arty-to-comprehend music filling our ears recently. - Grapevine


Orphic Oxtra - Orphic Oxtra LP



Orphic Oxtra is comprised of 12 young, charismatic and highly talented musicians. They write and perform an enticing recipe of Balkan-influenced orchestral dance music with a multitude of twists.

These festive collaborators, all of whom are contributors to the song writing, are not musically confined to the Balkans as they take turns challenging each other with a fireworks display of solos inspired by other cultures as well. The outcome is a rare marriage of the cerebral and the celebratory that captures mind, body and soul. No gazing of shoes here - not even a glance. Their objective is to move you and your feet!

To stand still during an Orphic Oxtra performance is no easy feat. Breaking into feverish Balkan-inspired dancing is a clear and ever-present danger. People of all ages and backgrounds find themselves seduced into a frenzied state of dancing like they've never danced before