Orphonic Orchestra

Orphonic Orchestra


A classical, pop, punk, metal sound that offers musical enjoyment to listeners of all ages.


Or•phic (ôr'fik) adj. Music attributed to Orpheus

Phon•ic (fon'ik) adj. The nature of sound

Or•phon•ic (ôr'fon'ik) adj. The nature of musical sound

Or•phon•ic Or•ches•tra (ôr'fon'ik ôr'kes'tr?) n. Rock band from Milwaukee influenced by Classical, Pop, Punk, and Heavy Metal

Orphonic Orchestra was formed in 2001 by two former members of Supergun Jones, Johnny Mars (guitar/vox) and Matt Kopf (drums). It was originally intended to be Johnny Mars' solo project, but over the years--with changes in band-members and structure--it has become an all-out band, happily performing and thriving in the rock and metal scene.

The current line up includes Kassandra Quirke (vox), Johnny Mars (guitars/vox), Desiree (bass), Bryan Bloodsoaker (drums) and recent addition Chad Novell (keys/vox). The result is something between metal, rock, classical and a hint of pop. The band has two released recordings to date: a self-titled album as well as a self-titled 6-song demo. Both are available for purchase on iTunes and through their online web-store. Please visit www.orphonic.com for more information.

"Orphonic returns with a six song EP that musically continues their hard rock/light harmonious metal style with pop catchiness and lovely female vocals along the lines of Lacuna Coil or Evanescence"
~ Lunar-Hypnosis.com

"Fresh melodic metal"
~ Digital-Steel.com

“Sofort der Opener 'Overcome' zeigt, dass man es hier nicht mit Amateuren zu tun hat, sondern mit einer professionellen Band, die nur eben noch nicht das Glück hatte, von einem Label entdeckt zu warden”
~ Powermetal.de

“They're truly original with great instrumentalists, fantastic vocals and a genre-blurring sound.”
~The Racine Journal Times


Self titled LP
Self titled EP

Set List

Night Sky
Free Me
Left Behind
Power Hungry
No Surrender
Nothing Anything
Winter Song