Orquestra Afrosinfônica
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Orquestra Afrosinfônica

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Band Classical Jazz




"Concert Afrosymphonic Orchestra"

Afrosymphonic Orchestra make free Concert in Bahia - Correio da Bahia

"To the Orquestras, conductor!"

The Afro Symphony gives the chance of learning and writing lyrics, within the form of Sonata, from the melody of Yoruba.
It is not a simple work. In the Benin Tradition, the mythology of candomble, the rhythm, complexity and variation that no other western stories can have the same, repetition, atonal and its own simple way. The result of it’s purify work is impress!

From the work of the Afro Symphony which created a music idiossincrasica, double chances of learning, includes the sense of music from elites to the elites. In this case, is Negro elites intellectual.
- The last party


5 Sentidos CD- artist: Mateus Aleluia - 2011 - Especial guesting Orquestra Afro Sinfônica
Maré de Lançamento DVD- artist: Gerônimo - 2011 - Especial guesting Orquestra Afro Sinfônica



In the year of 2000, from a concept of Jazz Symphony at Sao Paulo, a conductor from Bahia, his name is Ubiratan Marques, who in charge of the orchestra, realised most of the orchestra following the European way. From then, he wanted to create something typical belongs to Brazilian Bahiano, the mix of Jazz, European and American Symphony. To do that, he always takes the region personality and promotes new tenders and new repertoire. To keep the same structure of the traditional orchestra, he uses the same materials like woods, metals and strings. At the same time, he introduces some local instruments like xequeres and tambourines. The most important principal is the music gives the great result, nuances symphony and the African arrangement identity. With his creation of the studio in 2007, which called Nucleo de Moderno de Musical, became an easy way to develop orchestra because he can able to gather teachers and students who are interested. The orchestra of Afro Symphony was established in 2008. Brazil is always poor in forming big or small classic orchestra. Brazilian is able to form a smaller group, where the afro is able to that, with cameratas and singers. Without any obligations, through learning and democratic, in this way create a unique character which never appeared before in Brazil. This is the expansion of the Brazilian identity with trademark of the region without losing any of the Bhiana personality and its heritage.