Cleveland, Ohio, USA

We founded Orrery to bring a new, fresh direction to music with no limitations. Our music is extremely dynamic, rhythmically engaging and harmonically enchanting. With instrumentation that is rare anymore we play as: violin, guitar, bass and drums. In a genre void of females, we have the best.


Orrery is the result of four individuals that wanted to create a vehicle to bring rhythmically interesting progressive music to the world. Composed of electric violin, guitar, bass and drums we create music with vivid tone colors and vibrant harmonies. Listening to our music is sure to bring an experience that is both multifaceted and completely unique. Playing a highly charged technically challenging blend of instrumental prog rock and jazz fusion, we make music like no band before.

If you can appreciate the genius of bands such as Mahavishnu Orchestra, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, and Symphony X, then you will dig our music.

If you like our music send us an email at Orreryband@gmail.com, we give it all away for free to our fans! We would truly appreciate it if you would recommend it to a friend as well.


We give all of our music away for free. There are a handful of demos and soon we will have a live album compiled.

Set List

A large dynamic number of original tunes.

Music others have written:
Miles Beyond - Mahavishnu Orchestra
Lark's Tongue in Aspic(part 2) - King Crimson
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin