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We write/perform hard rock to melodic acoustic pieces and everything in between!Their diverse musical catalogue creates the perfect live experience for any music fan.
If you have ever dreamed for a new band to rock like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd we promise you that you won't be disappointed.


Friends and bandmates David, Noam, and Aaron have been performing together for six years and counting. Having spent hundreds of hours together in their home studio, they have developed a 'tightness' of play, anticipating each other's movements in a way that makes the three instruments come together as one. This harmony of musicianship is a defining trait of their original music.
Initially brought together by their mutual love of rock legends Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Rush, these three are driven forward by their love of innovation; taking classical foundations and introducing a new spin. Much more than just a 'rock band' their songs include elements of jazz, funk, flamenco, and bluegrass. It is not unusual to be nodding your head along with a thundering Orrorin rock song, only to be surprised when it ends with a delicious flamenco twang. Their refined music is an emotional journey, created by their music's ability to build tension, only to release it all in a cathartic, cascading riff. Listeners are invited to participate in this musical experience, via our recordings and live performances, each a testament to the band's dedication to refinement and perfection. Orrorin is the result of a diverse group of influences, from their hard rock to their blues, and we'd love for you to take a listen.


First album currently in recording stages.
*Download our recorded songs to listen*