Orwellian Math

Orwellian Math


OM has redefined the experimental artrock genre. Unlike anything happening in the music world today. 2 people performing the equiv of a 4-6 piece band. Their sounds will storm the senses leaving the listener wanting more. CLICK VIDEO or www.orwellianmath.com www.myspace.com/orwellianmathproject


"it's two guys. It's a bunch of instruments. It's multi-media. It'll rock you to the bone!"- All Capitals.

"One of the brightest & most innovative bands Denver has produced." Jim McTurnan of Cat-A-Tac & Needlepoint Records.

"Lingering on the edge of madness, Orwellian Math delivers the type of intensity that hits you in the gut." Seema Pandya of Pee Pee & Revoluciones Collective Arts

And this explains perhaps why Don Zientara of Inner studio renowned for recording and producing such pioneering acts as Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Fugazi, Henry Rollins and Jets to Brazil among others eagerly took on Orwellian Math to complete their latest album in January of '07.

Orwellian Math (OM) is an innovative, unorthodox, experimental/art-rock band with old school DIY punk roots based out of Denver/Boulder CO. They are former members of the social/political acts Fahrenheit 451 and Family of Dischordia ('92-'00) and continue through OM to fuse a message of social egalitarianism and eco enlightenment in a witty and creative fashion.

"Were a bit more abstract in our message nowadays. Whether it be through the lyrics or more so via the visuals. It's not preachy, or in your face in a negative way I don't think. But it's there in a more clever, positive sense". Jeremy proclaims.
"Were not like rough grade sandpaper but more like a soothing refreshing ointment or balm" Adds Risius.
"Or perhaps a seed to be swallowed and planted deep into the conscience. Only to grow and sprout fruits of knowledge". The two could really catalyze each other into endless analogies and metaphors. And this explains the prolific creativity between the two as they have been virtually inseparable as band mates since they collectively founded their first concoction in Fahrenheit 451 in 1992.

"OM focuses on orchestration and dynamics, emphasizing on a heart-felt style of music interlaced with swaying grooves.
Their eclectic sound transitions from ambient to aggressive, touching on all senses and emotions. OM mixes creative arts and music together, incorporating a stunning visual stimulus {by VJ dBom} into the music. The result is inspiring and transformational.
What is remarkable about Orwellian Math is that it is just two musicians performing the equivalent of a 4-5 piece act. Mark creates the music live via two samplers rapidly switching instruments as the song comes to life. Jeremy rounds out the sound with keyboards, percussion, and vocals. Mark Risius and Jeremy Gregory are quickly building up a reputation for being one of Denver's unique and entertaining acts. The live performance is non-stop, and interactive and the band has deservedly been described as EMOTIVE (-emotion into action to bring positive change) Orwellian Math will leave you inspired and wanting more. " - TiNcTuRe ZinE
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1 EP self released
1 LP (coming in 2007)

Set List

All original songs, to date over 20 in the set. Sets range anywhere from 40 minutes MINIMUM to 1 1/2 hrs MAX.