Osaka Flu

Osaka Flu


We aren’t a criminal gang but a bloody rock&Roll band. The influences range from the early years of the Kinks and a taste of Quentin Tarantino's films.


2008 was a really interesting year for the Japanese city of Never Say Banzai; it was the birth of criminal gangs, proliferation of gigolos, friends who beat friends and where dogs began to smoke marijuana. Despite this inexplicable chaos, Osaka Flu didn't form a criminal gang or even open a canine rehabilitation community but they are part of this fucking disorder and general confusion introducing a bloody Rock & Roll band. 
The influences range from the early years of the Kinks to the 
de-evolutionary trends of Devo and a taste of Quentin Tarantino's films. The live shows will surprise you both on stage and off with plenty of flair at the bar where they will sink Long Islands whilst whistling the songs of life!

Were three young Italians who sing and write original lyrics and music in English in the American- British punk/alternative style of rock.  Were inspired by a range of artists including Bob Dillon, The Clash, George Thorogood and Johnny Cash. Weve packed clubs here in Tuscany (like Sonar in Siena and Rework Culture in Perugia), had steady airplay on local radio, and weve twice been invited to play at one of Italys largest music festivals, Arezzo Wave. 

Were Daniele Peruzzi (guitar lead vocal) age 31, Francesco Peruzzi (bassguitar backing vocal) age 28, and  Michele Casini (drum) age 31.  Guys and gals both like our tough-but-occasionally-sensitive sound and girls say were kinda cute.