Os Alquimistas

Os Alquimistas


A transcendental acoustic-electronic duo exuding deep Afro-Brazilian soul. A vibrant blend of lyricism and groove where a fantastic voice both sultry and coarse meets the mesmerizing beats of a master 'Pandeirista'. You simply can't go wrong with Os Alquimistas. Axé, Love, Namaste.


It all started over a 'caipirinha' (Brazil's beloved beach cocktail). Frederico had just returned to Austin, the 'Live Music' capital of the US. After 7 years working as a writer and performer for latin supergroup Ghandaia, it was time to explore a more intimate and Brazilian contemporary sound.

Meanwhile, the talented Michael Longoria (previous work includes Patty Griffin, Terremoto, A. Escovedo, etc.) had just returned home after an extensive touring period. After many years spent mastering Brazilian percussion, specially 'pandeiro', it was time to apply that knowledge as creatively and profusely as possible.

After that 'caipirinha' the vibe has been ever sublime. The music shared between Geib & Longoria is a gem, a sublime emerald perhaps. Os Alquimistas' sound is pure tropical and esoteric groove, acoustic and electronic, raw yet focused, luscious yet simple.

Original samba-funk, bossa-nova, reggae and maracatu styles are blended with rock, jazz and electronica. The result is a sonic quality that is unique to the core, as a powerful lyrical voice interacts with flawless percussive landscapes in a bed of Brazilian guitar chords and electronic ambience that is simply irresistible and universal.

The alchemists are coming! Os Alquimistas estão chegando!


40 Dias (40 days)

Written By: Frederico Geib

40 Dias, 40 noites
de fantasia, sem covardia.
Com muitas cores, a tarde é fria.
Reluz a lua na travessia.
(40 days and 40 nights
of fantasy without cowardice.
With many colors, the afternoon is cold,
Moonlight reflected in cobblestones)

40 dias, 40 noites
reluz o sonho, sem preconceito.
Abunda a arte, abre o segredo,
que a tarde é tua, dorme em meu peito.
(40 days and 40 nights
the dream reflects without prejudice,
art abounds and opens the secret
the afternoon is yours, it sleeps in my chest)

40 dias, 40 noites
sonhar segredo, as cores nuas
do teu molejo... amparo e afego.
Reluz a tarde, meu aconchego.
(40 days and 40 nights,
to dream the secret, the nakedcolors
of your movement... nurture and caress, reflecting the evening, my mystical repose)


Sol da Solidão, Água de Coco, Na Palma da Mão.

Set List

'Os Alquimistas' can play up to three-hour shows. The music weaves through many styles gracefully as original compositions blend with song interpretations of several Brazilian legends of the likes of Jorge Ben, Lenine and Luiz Gonzaga.