Osama Abdulrasol

Osama Abdulrasol


Gipsy in Baghdad is the new project of Osama Abdulrasol Quartet. Compositions of Osama based on Traditional Gipsy tunes from Iraq the ones who migrate from the wilderness to the city of Baghdad . A collaborating of top musicians, multi instrumentalists from Iraq, Morocco and Holland.


0sama is a composer, producer and Qanun & Guitar player. He was born in Babylon (Iraq) 1968 and he studied western music (classical guitar) in the UK and eastern music (oud – lute – and qanun – an Arabic lapharp) in Iraq.
He performed and toured all over the world with different groups like Osama Abdulrasol & Ensemble, the symphonic orchestra of Antwerpen ( de filharmonie) with Dirk brosse, Olla vogalla, Melike, Wenes vande velde, Luc de Vos, Oblomow, Djamel, Nahdha, Mesopotamia, Weshm, Lula Pena, Elftwelvtrio, Jahida Wehbe, Woestijn 93, Les ballets and several other groups and theatre productions.
In his own project Osama is trying to open a new approach by mixing original ideas and classical- traditional music to put it a spiritual flavours by playing them in a very old form of harp around 3500 B.C. the Qanun
He participated in several Arab and international
festivals including in Belgium, Holland, Germany,
France, Portugal, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
He also performs with other groups of different musical styles such as Jazz, Flamenco, Indian, Turkish and Greek music.


Melike – Macar- Longdistance/harmoniamundi
Oblomow - Sporen -Wild Boar Music
Djamel- N’tia N’tia -Wild Boar Music
Wouter Vandenabeele- sans paroles –Homerecords
Moakley- Mask
Djamel- Hamza Wild Boar Music
Les Mesopotamiennes- Berg- Centre cultural Arab
Tranpiradansa- Tranpiradansa- Wild Boar Music,
Brod Ludaka-Short movie

Coming soon,
Osama Abdulrasol- Gipsy in Baghdad - Home records
Melike -Sky -Home records
Tri a Tolia -Ask ili -Home records

Set List

Plying 1 set for 1:15 min, or 2 sets of 45 min each. 12-13 songs