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"You Down With OSB"

Brendan Mahoney sounds almost apologetic when referring to his band, OSB, as a pop band, which is unfortunate. Pop is hard to do right. If it's not catchy enough, well, it's downright boring. If it's too catchy, it's a novelty that will fade (whatever happened to Chumbawamba?). The trick, and Mahoney understands this, is to create something that sticks -- but sticks because there's meat on it.

"With the pop label comes bad connotations," says Mahoney, singer, guitarist and main songwriter for OSB. "I think that when you write a catchy melody, the substance is sometimes lost. We try to make that substance, whether it be lyrical or musical, drive the melody."

Blending elements of jam, pop rock and even country, at times OSB begs comparison to bands such as Los Lonely Boys (check "Thick and Thin"). Mahoney's voice is deep and strong, sounding a lot like Tom Hurley, frontman for locals Joe Rockhead. The guitars ring thick and clean -- electric and acoustic, and driven by tasteful solos by Alex Attela. Drummer Aaron Tringuk is strong and dynamic, slamming in with power hits but pulling back when the song tells him to, locking in with bassist Jeff Birch. Pianist/singer Kevin Hennessey puts the pretty in the arrangements (with nice solos in songs such as "Mirick").

Last January, OSB released The Grey Area, its debut, and followed it with extensive touring that led to a rabid following at Harper's Ferry in Boston and Tammany Hall here at home. In two weeks, the band will debut at The Lucky Dog, where it hopes to attract some new fans. "I think we have the versatility to fit in wherever we play," says Mahoney, "but Tammany is our favorite place to play in Worcester."

The remarkably different personalities and tastes in music are something Mahoney says makes OSB click, different from "the cookie cutter pop music you hear on the radio." Started in 1996, Mahoney put the band together with Hennessey, who played the drums at the time. Because they couldn't get into bars, the two would play birthday parties and "really weird shows" like the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Kelley Square Flea Market. After leaving in '99 for Syracuse University, Mahoney didn't play as much. But when Hennessey recorded a demo of some tunes on the guitar and asked Mahoney to play again, he jumped at the chance.

After a few acoustic shows, they added Tringuk and Hennessey switched over to the piano and they headed to the studio to record the demo. That led to Attela sitting in, and joining. After numerous attempts of adding a bassist, they struck gold with Birch, who sat in one night.

"I think we're happy just making music that we like," says Mahoney, "and as long as people keep coming to the shows and keep allowing us to play at their bars we're going to keep playing. If we get a big record contract, we're not going to complain about that, either. I think local music is great. I think nationally, music is strange. When Ashley Simpson can have the No. 1 record in the country without ever playing a live show -- that's ridiculous to me, but at the same time some people like her songs and they don't care about who she is or what she did to get there."

Charlene Arsenault may be reached at charlenea@worcestermag.com.
- Worcester Magazine

"Worth driving over state lines to hear"

November 2004 - To your dad, OSB is "oriented strand board,” something he buys in bulk from Plywood Plus. To their fans, OSB is a band of five friends and musicians whose talent, camaraderie and passion make it worth driving across state lines to see them play live.

The members of OSB have seen each other through everything, from high school band practices to carpentry jobs, all the while sharing a love for music as diverse as fusion jazz and Van Halen. “I guess the reason why I play music is Van Halen. In the second grade, my mom got me the first album on cassette,” lead singer Brendan Mahoney warmly remembers.

OSB’s sound is both fun and moving. Mahoney’s sincere delivery of the lyrics is grounded by the warm energy and varied expression of the band’s music. “Brendan comes up with the skeleton, and we all do our own thing when we play in rehearsal and live,” guitarist Alex Attella explains.

In rehearsal, conversation moves from concern about each other’s personal lives to exciting changes to songs made during shows. At a recent gig, keyboardist Kevin Hennessey added strings to the end of “Thick and Thin,” making it “really work” for Mahoney by “adding a bigger sound.” After playing the song this way in rehearsal, they agreed to keep the new ending.

This collaborative effort allows each member to showcase his talents whether humbly playing tight background parts or passionately riffing during solos. “Walking Alone,” for example, begins with drummer Aaron Tringuk’s inviting blend of hi-hat and tambourine beats, while Hennessey’s Bruce Hornsby-inflected keys harmonize and change with Mahoney’s hypnotic lyrical phrasing and heightened emotional release.

The band is also energetic when it comes to covers. Whether they’re playing Paul Simon’s “Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes” (from one of Tringuk’s all-time favorite albums) or a spur of the moment “Mustang Sally,” one can hear their love for other bands as much as their passion for their own compositions.

Relative newcomer Jeff Burch, formerly of The Late Messengers, is already an integral part of the band and a much admired bassist by the fans. His influences include fusion aficionado Jaco Pastouris and Grateful Dead pioneer Phil Lesh. He is as capable of “holding things down” with the rhythm, as well as providing flourishes and “doing what Jaco does.” Like the other members, his musicianship gives the music weight and makes live shows all the more enjoyable.

The fans have been as necessary to the band as the music. Like many other independent acts, OSB’s fan base grows by word of mouth and by tireless promotion of their album, The Grey Area (available at shows or www.osbband.com). The band has even driven to arena shows in New Hampshire in order to hand out their CDs to potential fans. They know their hard work has paid off when they look into each crowd to see countless faces they don’t recognize — a great success for any regional act.

Not only do fans often sing along, but some even tour with the band. “There’s one group of girls that always come to see us. They go to Albany, Northampton, wherever,” says Tringuk.


Nov 24 OSB
Winners of this summer’s Budweiser Battle of the Bands Contest at Jillian’s in Worcester, OSB was invited to the next battle in Albany. They rented a charter bus and brought along 60 zealous fans. Although the band may have come home without the award that night, they were not the least bit disappointed. “We don’t see it as losing at all. To us, we didn’t lose. I just loved the faces of the other bands when we got into Albany and our fans were getting off the bus,” Attella recalls.

Mahoney, Attella, Hennessey, Tringuk and Burch are not driven to turn their Dave Matthews and Led Zeppelin inspired rock into a slew of commercially palatable singles. Although this would be easy for them, they want to hold onto and explore their collaborative sound, their personal and musical evolutions and their relationship with their fans. “We just want to explore our options and take off,” Hennessey says.
- Shahin Ismail-Beigi (The Pulse)

"Local Rockers OSB to Celebrate Independence Day with American Troops in Iraq and Kuwait"

Worcester, MA June 9 – After spending the past year headlining shows across New England and opening for major acts such as Gavin DeGraw, American HiFi, New Found Glory, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, local rockers OSB will take to the world stage performing for American troops in Iraq and Kuwait as part of the Stars for Stripes 4th of July celebrations.
During the week of July 2-9, OSB will perform five shows with American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra. The tour has been put together by Stars for Stripes, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality entertainment to internationally deployed U.S. military forces.
Stars for Stripes works in conjunction with Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE), USAREUR (US Army Europe), and MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) to take quality, celebrity entertainment into the remote sites where the troops need the moral boost the most. Throughout the tour, OSB will experience military life first-hand as they live and eat where the troops live and eat, are transported in military vehicles, and perform for the most appreciative audiences they will ever entertain. Following every performance, Stars for Stripes entertainers typically sign autographs for everyone, no matter how long the line or how many hours it takes for everyone to get an autograph and have their photo made with the celebrity.
“We consider it a great honor to have been selected for the Stars for Stripes Tour over Independence Day,” said Brendan Mahoney, OSB’s lead singer. “Our troops overseas give so much of themselves every single day, putting themselves in harms way so that we can continue to live the American dream. Being able to go to Iraq and Kuwait to entertain them is one small thing we can do to say thank you.”
Although still young, OSB has developed into a pop-rock band with the maturity and presence of a seasoned group. Their shows exhibit raw energy and melody by fusing rock, blues, jam and groove while maintaining a catchy pop sound. With their upbeat sound and the raw vocals of Brendan Mahoney, OSB draws frequent comparisons to Gavin DeGraw. The warm melodies of Kevin Hennessey's keyboard are reminiscent to that of Bruce Hornsby and Alex Attella's guitar licks are both technically and melodically successful at blending elements of fusion blues and classic rock. Bringing it all together are the smooth grooves of Aaron Tringuk on the drums, and Jeff Burch's steady pocket bass lines.
Combined with their hard work, the band’s fan base seems to be growing exponentially. Much like the Dave Matthews Band, OSB captures a diverse listening audience crossing over various genres and demographics in the process. And that is why they were named Best Pop Rock Band, and won awards for Best Male Vocals and Best Album at the Pulse Music Awards in April. These honors are not new to OSB. Last year, OSB was voted Best Pop Rock band by Worcester magazine and in 2004, OSB won the Budweiser True Music Battle of the Bands.
OSB’s first album release The Grey Area has received praise from countless critics and was selected as Best Album by Pulse Magazine in April 2006. Upon return from their Independence Day tour, the band will look towards the release of their sophomore album Transitions.
For more information on OSB and Stars for Stripes visit www.osbband.com and www.starsforstripes.com.
About Stars for Stripes
Stars for Stripes is a non-profit 501© 3 organization dedicated to providing quality entertainment to internationally deployed U.S. military forces. Bringing together professionals from aviation, entertainment and the military, Stars for Stripes is improving the overseas tour experience for performers, sponsors, donors, and most importantly, for the dedicated men and women protecting our national interests.
- Adam Klein


Debut Album- "The Grey Area"
Sophomore Album "Transitions"


Feeling a bit camera shy


International Touring Artist Osb out of Worcester Ma. They performed for the Troops in Iraq and Kuwait during the July 4th week 2006 as the headliner. Osb just released their Sophomore cd, “Transitions” Feb. 2007.

Osb has opened for many National acts such as Gavin DeGraw, Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special at the DCU center, Marshall Tucker, New Found Glory, American Hi-Fi, Cartel, Pat McGee, The Samples, Wishbone Ash, Brothers Past, Micheal Tolcher, Ingram Hill, Oak Ridge Boys, The Pushstars, Red Wanting Blue, Dickey Betts and many others.

They won Best band, Best Album of the year and Best Male Vocalist by Pulse Magazine 2006. OSb was voted Best Pop Rock band in Worcester magazine and just received an award for the band to succeed in 2006 by Pulse magazine. Best Live act Worcester Magazine 2007. Live performances on the Fox morning show 2005, 2006 and 2007.

They have been selling out shows in Worcester for the past 2 years and have been headlining in Boston at Harper's Ferry, Foxwoods Resort & Casino Atrium, Hard Rock café at Foxwoods casino, Lincoln Park RI, Senor Frog, Bill’s Bar, The Attic, Iron Horse music hall, The Brickhouse, Muddy River Smoke House. New York at the Tribecca and The Knitting factory. The Ultimate college band headlining at Clemson University, WPI, Bentley, Providence and many others. They have played at many music festivals including: Rock and Awe festival, Camp Jeep festival, New England Summer Nationals, Pulse Magazine Music festival and Sirius radio performances.

They are currently getting air play on over 80 radio stations throughout the USA.

Here is the bands websites for your purusal: www.myspace.com/osb or www.osbband.com