Tucson, Arizona, USA

Pink Floyd stopped taking their Prozac and decided to jam with Alice in Chains.


It all started in 91' blah, blah, blah. Crash and burn, explosions, sirens. This is what you will hear from Oscape's cd. Oscape's music boasts unpredictablility, life scenario's, and catchy choruses to pull the listener into his web of thinking. Having roamed the musical landscape of the Southwest for the last 18 years, from thrash metal to acoustic, gigs with 1 little boy to 300+ attendees, Oscape has planted himself into his own unique style of rock. Songs that tell vivid stories catapult the listener into Oscape's realm. Let the imagination flow and open your mind to your own interpretation. Strongly influenced by concept bands, such as, Pink Floyd, Queensryche and Alice in Chains, Oscape reaches to a different level. Enjoy.


The Inside Joke

Written By: Oscape

In our travels were alone
Take this pill as your stepping stone
It guides you down the middle road
You'll feel no highs and you'll feel no lows

And so we march on in a daze
Model citizen, robotic haze
The claw keeps us relaxed, controlled
Herd mentality, emotions sold

A teardrop slides down Orwell's cheek
Foreshadows live, doublespeak
A reportoire with a different flow
It's classified, now enjoy the show

The shepherd sits and grins
Thought control begins

Now we live as told
Became predictable

I'm better off...
a million miles away, a million miles away, a million miles away

The pharmacy pimps out their whore
A crooked smile, now sign this form
Erase the noise inside your head
It's not enough, raise your dose instead

The shepherd sits and grins
Thought control begins

Now we live as told
Became predictable

(Chorus repeats)

Forever Hold Your Piece

Written By: Oscape

Wake me from this bed of hell
The fear of life is that I dwell
No one really seems to care
Grab all you can and take my share

Red vs. blue and blue vs. red
cross my line, you'll end up dead
A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye
They're willing to kill not willing to die

Guns don't kill people, people kill people
Beating the old and robbing the feeble
Taking place in the light of day
Which liar said crime doesn't pay

Rifles sounding...People shouting...when will it end

Total chaos...societal loss...when will it end

WHY - must we live
WE - won't give in
THE VIOLENCE - will never cease
FOREVER - hold your piece

Like a cancer that's spreading all over the nation
Destroying culture, deforming creation
Wrecking all that we have built
No remorse, no sin, no guilt

Passed down by heredity
A war within our own country
Monkey see so monkey do
A civil war, it's nothing new

The innocents rights to be civilized, No patience now, vigilante uprise
My turf, your turf, no, it's his, Hell on earth for all our sins

The Last Thought

Written By: Oscape

It's all so clear now
There is no finish line
My body is twisted in steel
How I yearn to say goodbye

I was always eyeing the wrong treasure
All the value is gone
Regret fills my body
Just to tell them one last time

I can hear the sirens fading
It's a sign I've run the wrong race
I'd sell my soul for thirty seconds
To tell them face to face

So tell me, will you sell me some more time
All this money will not buy my last goodbye
So tell me, will you sell me some more time
All this money will not buy my last goodbye

And now I just lay here
Thinking of what was and what will never be
Head full of regret
I fade with uncertainty


The Growing Ground (demo)
The Bully Theory (debut release in early '09)

Set List

Typical set list is for a 45 minute performance.
The March (intro)
The Inside Joke
Doing Business
The Last Thought
Gitmo Inn
The Bully Theory
The Growing Ground
covers - Unsung - Helmet
Master Race - New Model Army