Oscar Black

Oscar Black

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Oscar Black is elevating himself upwards and inviting us to come with him...


Hip Hop Vocalist/Songwriter

Oscar Black is Hip-Hops newest heavy hitter, born in Hartford, CT.

He is one of the few emcees that know how to take the music to another level.
He has an energetic stage presence and the ability to connect with any audience.
His musical style is easy-going and melodic but direct, with a perfect balance of imagination and unpredictability.
The result is that the listener never tires of the music.
Whatever the emotion of the moment, be it sad, energized, romantic, angry, or prideful, he can easily, transform it into a song, a jingle, a theme, a lyric or a rap!
With an overall consistency, each of his songs has its own personality and flavor, making it interesting from beginning to end.

He continues to refine and develop both his skills and his style making a lasting impression on all of us.

Over the last year, his schedule has been equally relentless, but just as rewarding.
Opening for various artists in and around CT. such as Young Jeezy, Max B, Papoose, Jim Jones, Sean Kingston, and Juelz Santana.
Running parallel to this you could also find him on various music collaborations and remixes.

Two Thousand and Eight promise to be just as productive.

An exquisite hip-hop accomplishment with lots more to come.


Oscar Black "Get Gwap" vol. 1 - The Mix Tape (May 06)
Oscar Black "Drops & Remixes" (Feb 07)
Oscar Black "Get Gwap" vol. 2 – The Mix Tape (Dec 07)

Set List

15-45 minutes

Depending on the crowd, we have a clean set and an adult set.

Random tracks from his discography.