oscar worthy

oscar worthy


Oscar Worthy, brings us his debut solo album entitled "The Romantic." Influenced by the music of Gil Scott Heron, Ahmad Jamal, Miles Davis and The Meters, Oscar Worthy, blends heavy percussion, guitars, horns and piano with hard hitting beats and vocal harmonies.


Oscar Worthy

. It began on sunny Saturday sitting on his mothers broken steps in Milwaukee Wisconsin
. As child listening to his brother lead a 3 piece funk band rehearsing in moms basement
. the music bug hit him after sitting in on one of the bands sessions before a show
. don’t touch my drum his brother would yell followed by a smack catching him playing

. welcome to the world of beat machines and turntables and lyrics Oscar called it home
. fascinated by the ability to program heavy beats manipulate vinyl and top it off with lyrical melodies
. the mission to master beat machines synthesizers and writing became a natural mission
. it all felt natural and became a part of Oscar’s daily routine and what friends identified him by music

. forget the money forget the grime on the streets, the touch of a beat machine = food
. the touch of a synthesizer sampler, 1 turntable with a jazz record replace Sunday dinner
. once landing his own equipment beats poured out like water and at times it replaced drinking water
. the hood came knocking after hearing about Oscars beats
. not long after moms basement was filled with a new generation of funk, urban & soul music

. Oscar’s music opened doors and took him places unimaginable to a kid from a small town
. EMI Chrysalis wanted to have a part of it & multi platinum producers wanted to touch it
. tours and shows with some of the biggest artist would Have him
. videos and tv shows gave a platform to Oscar to say hello to the world
. Oscar ran with it and independent of the music industry he begin exploring the world

. Oscar has now taken his music further with new ideas and experimenting with new sounds
. He continues to explore new musical avenues and allow progressive ideas to inspire
. residing in NYC Oscar launched his Aqualandmedia production with a couple of small Lp releases
. just wrapping up his new LP “The Romantic” which will be avail in March online itunes etc.