Oscillator X

Oscillator X


High energetic dance music and unforgettable stage performances featuring live vocals, high tech keytars, keyboards, guitars, confetti and beach balls! Oscillator X's appearance and unique sound is often refereed to as "90's feel with modern appeal." - Once experienced, audiences never forget!


Oscillator X is a local favorite and frequently featured on Seattle C89.5fm (KNHC) Radio - the USA's longest running dance station. Their ability to create catchy dance music and unforgettable live entertainment has earned them with frequent demand for multiple performances at the C89.5fm "Listener Appreciation Party" events - The same events that first brought the world artists such as Lady Gaga.

The upbeat sound of Oscillator X is produced by Kyle Ward and John Mendenhall. The duo has produced music collaboratively since 1999. Oscillator X’s sound is influenced by the dance pop sound of the late 90's and diverse artists such as: Akcent, Eiffel 65, Real McCoy, Sash!, Daft Punk & O-Zone.

Unlike modern dance acts, Oscillator X is a succeeding band with both members producing and performing all of the music in the studio or onstage at a dynamic live event. Oscillator X songs have been featured in video games such as: In The Groove, Pump It Up, iDANCE, Snake 360, Snowball Runner, ReRave and many others. Additionally, their music is typically associated with dance machine games such as "Dance Dance Revolution" that originated from the late 90's.

Recently Oscillator X has expanded their music into new markets and can also be heard in retail outlets such as Abercrombie & Fitch stores with their seasonal 2010 single "The Naughty Song." Additionally, the duo performed live overseas in France, Amsterdam, and Oslo.

The duo remains active today and continues to produce new music that is still frequently featured on C89.5fm and played throughout clubs in the Seattle metro area.

Oscillator X is a rising star and eager to share their unique and unforgettable sound with new potential fans around the world!



Written By: Kyle Ward & John Mendenhall


If you feel it in your heart
Let's take it to the stars
Tonight, alright
We only get one chance
Leave the world behind

I can see it in your eyes
Let Go, reach for the skies
Tonight, let's fly
They'll never keep us down
Everybody sing it now

Dum dum doodie do dum dum
Dum dum doodie do dum dum
Da di da di

No looking back, don't turn around
Show the world the love we've found
Tonight, alright
We only get one chance
It's our time to shine

So full of energy
A dynamo for the world to see
Tonight, is our night
Hands up in the air
Everybody singing now

Come with me
Feel the beat
Let the music set you free

One last night
For you and I
C'mon leave the world behind

Put your hands up in the air
Let the music be your prayer
A ritual for us to share

c. 2008 John Mendenhall & Kyle Ward

Believe In You

Written By: Kyle Ward & John Mendenhall

Believe In you:

You say it should be this
Or should be that
Just matter of fact

I think the biggest sin
Is listening
You're holding me back

When trouble comes around
You let it take you down
Or attack

I'd rather fail
Than be the one who
Fails to act

Don't be afraid of who you are
Light up the night like a shooting star
Believe in you
Break through
Don't be afraid of who you are

I never asked
For your opinion
As to who I should love

Or needed
Your definition
Of God and heaven above

My life to live it
As I see fit
Gonna do what I please

I'd rather die on my feet
Than live on my knees

c. 2011 John Mendenhall & Kyle Ward

Live Out Loud

Written By: Kyle Ward & John Mendenhall

Live Out Loud:

Seems like half my life
All these nine to fives
I'm just workin', workin'
But I don't mind
I'm doing alright
Come friday night
Gonna come alive

Loud bikes and fast cars
Yeah, we're all rock stars
It's never enough
Till it's a little too far
We own this town
Turn it upside down
Before we're through
And all your friends can come too

It's just one of those nights
Feel so alive
Like we're not even trying, trying
Come what may
Gonna rock the party
Till the morning sun starts shining

Big city, bright lights
And we own the night
They can say what they want
Cause we're doing all right
Only get one life
Gonna live it well
Something stands in our way
Gonna give it hell
released 28 February 2012
© 2012 Kyle Ward & John Mendenhall

Never Been In Love

Written By: Kyle Ward & John Mendenhall

Never Been In Love:

Move your body to the beat
Cause you know damn well
You're going home with me
Sway to the left
Sway to the right
Gonna make you mine
Before this night is through
That's right, me and you
C'mon girl
Don't be shy, cause I'm the guy
And I'll show you just exactly what to do

I know, you know
Never been in love
I know, you know
Never been in love

Doo doo doo doo doo
I'm going home with you
Doo doo doo doo doo
Before the night is through
Doo doo doo doo doo
I'm going home with you
Doo doo doo doo doo
And you want me to (too)

Dance, cause the rhythm's infectious
They can try
But they're never gonna catch us
Why don't you know it's true
You're falling for me girl
Nothing you can do
And your body's kickin'
Clock is ticking on and on
Gonna take that time
To make you mine
And rock you till the break of dawn

©2009 John Mendenhall & Kyle Ward



Emotional Terrorist:feat. Mel Akai - 2013
Dynamo - 2009
I Can't Be The One - 2010
Believe In you - 2011
Live Outloud - 2012
Never Been In Love 2k12
Singularity - 2012
Start & Paws - 2012
Have A Good Time - 2010
The Naughty Song - 2010
Dance All Night 2k12 - 2012
Neon Underground - 2008
Do It My Way - 2010
Together With You - 2010
Party People - 2009


1. Techno * Techyes - 2009
2. Silicon Samurai - 2010
3. Techno Pharaohs - 2013

Set List


Set time: 25-40 minutes, duration/songlist flexible based on event needs or requests

Set is a non-stop megamix format. (with interaction between songs) Music never stops and is beat matched to create high energy and "dance" atmosphere.

Example Sets:

(1) NOTE: "Short" approximately 23 minutes

Start & Paws
I Can't Be The One
Never Been In Love
Believe In You
Live Outloud

2) NOTE: "Longer" approximately 38 minutes

The Naughty Song
Have A Good Time
Rock Robotic
I Can't Be The One
Never Been In Love
Believe In You
Do It My Way
Party People
Together With You
Neon Underground