Oshan' Amazing voice and Talents with various kinds of instruments highlight his unique fuse of Rock, adult Contempoary, blues, Jazz and Soul. On a stage he has been described as being nothing less than "Mezmorizing and Exciting!"


Oshan has electrified audiences and listeners since the age of 9. as a child, Oshan (Born Al Mauro) was influenced by a huge spectrum of various styles and froms of music such as Rock, Blues , Jazz, Adult contempoary and even classical and new age compositions.

Artists like Prince, Aerosmith , the Beatles and about a hundred others flamed his love for music and began to create a sound and feel that blended with his smoothe yet powerful voice witch is his trademark as well as his overpowering charismatic presence in front of an audience. As a songwriter, Oshan is also a member of BMI.

"As soon as that first breath is sung and the first note played, The listener is transformed into an emotional and rocking journey into the heart and when he is through you feel as if you have been taken to another world and have no desire to return".

"His debut album soon to be released, will be the launce of a brilliant and limitless career and will only lay the foundation that Oshan will conquer the world". Visit oshansite.com for news, bio and releases.


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Debut Album (soon to be released) Produced by Gus caveda.

Email - guscave@gmail.com

Set List

Oshan's apearences varies on venue. On a large tour or concert dates, A full band will perform with Oshan for 45mins to 90 mins, if it be strictly an acoustic "unplugged solo only show", time could run between 45mins to an hour or even 90mins.

With full band performances, rehearsal time and recrutement of musians for tour engagements, it will be nessesarry for advance notice.

Each concert will showcase Tracks from his new upcoming album, other compositions as well as updated covers done in Oshan's style.

Oshan has a keen sense of connecting with an audience and his music is fit to rock all ages but his core range flows between a male Sarah Mccaughlan and lenny cravitz with a flash of prince and to some, Elvis.