Oshan is an electrifying artist fusing blends of rock, pop,alternative and soul with his charismatic presence and powerful vocals.


Oshan has been performing for over 10 years, developing an eclectic style of his own. Oshan is also a trained dramatic actor and has experience in theatre and film. In 2007, Oshan’s long awaited debut CD and performances will be an experience to behold.

Oshan (born Alfred Achilles Mauro) was born in Rockford, Illinois to a loving mother and father who were involved in the entertainment industry.
At an early age, Oshan was exposed to all kinds of music styles from rock to country, R&B and jazz. He attended high school in Colorado and began studying composition, soaking up various artists, composers and world influences.
By his first year of college, Oshan was enthralled in all aspects of music production and began the process of becoming the ultimate performer working with professional musicians and developing his passionate voice.

Now, his dream has come full circle and you are welcomed into that world.

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Oshan's first single is expected for release in May and sold worldwide through various online retailers.

The debut album is scheduled for release in Mid May- June TBA

Set List

Oshan's live repertoire will include original selections from his debut album as well as modern versions of classic rock tunes from various period music of the 50's,6o's,70's and the 80's. Each song would range from 4-7 minutes and a typical concert legnth can range between 30 minutes to 90 minutes.