Dynamic singer, songwritter, songwriter & actor breathes new life into alternative rock, pop, blues and jazz.


Oshan's sultry syle and energy has electrified aduiences of all ages. Based in Orlando, Florida, Oshan's gift for songcraft and innovation is getting noticed as a new force in the entertainment community. Oshan is also a versitile actor and writer who recently appeared in the short film "The Good Guys" with director, Bryan Boykins. His debut cd, "A New World" Has been released to great reviews and marks his first collaboration with producer, Gus Caveda.

A sense of inner exploration seem to dominate Oshan's creativity as a whole. Fusing elements of rock, pop, blues, jazz and even classical themes to his work with both new and old approaches, making him a new and unique class all his own. "I want to take music and the expression of art to a new level, a place I and others have never been before.."

"I love the abstract. New ways to express a vision from a different light." That vision is the driving force not only in Oshan's music, but on the screen and in person with whoever meets him. On stage, film or on cd, Oshan translates a language of dynamics and humanity that has seemed to strike a chord in audiences leaving them mezmorized and in awe of his natural ability to create a stir in one's soul, leaving anticipation for what he might do next.


"A New World" CD 2009

Set List

1 - 2 hr shows (Solo or with band)

80 - 90 % Original material
10 -20% Cover material (Bo Didley, 8o's rock/pop versions/ Retro rock classics)