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"2nd Chance CD of the Week + Live Review"

2nd Chance CD of the Week
Oshan, A New World (2009)
Local favorite Oshan, a solo performer from Orlando was a guy that I first saw take the stage that night at The Haven.

It was an acoustic performance of sorts, performing songs like "Nightmare," "Beautiful Girl," and "Sentimental Fool," all from his debut album A New World. I say "acoustic of sorts" because his performance consisted solely of Oshan himself, playing an electric guitar. So I guess you can say instead of an "unplugged" setlist, this was a "plugged in" performance. Either way, this compelled me to buy the CD at the club, complete with full-band performances of the songs mentioned above. Needless to say, I was very impressed by what I've heard. A New World was composed entirely by Oshan himself, which I've got to respect the hell of, considering I'm an aspiring lyricist myself.

The album's split into two "Acts," (tracks 1-9, and 10-15, respectively) making me wonder if this piece of work was intended to be a concept album. What we hear is an amalgamation of several genres of music compiled and utilized on one single album, such as do-wop with a modern twist ("Stranger), modern rock ("Sentimental Fool," "Symphony"), classical ("Scarlett Birthday"), toss in some blues ("Stand Alone") and even a little bit of acoustic rock thrown in ("Nightmare," a single complete with video. Youtube it, y'all.). To add to the "maybe or maybe not a concept album" feel are three instrumentals scattered throughout the album: "Back From the Dead," "Scarlett Birthday," and the title track, and final song on the album, "A New World."

Altogether, you get an album that's as refreshingly diverse as it is fresh and new. I have no doubts that soon, we'll see Oshan invading our TVs via VH1 and Fuse, as well as the radio airwaves all over the country.

I'm not normally impressed by local talent, no matter where I've lived, but as far as I'm concerned, Oshan's got the makings of a superstar in the world of rock, and the seeds of such things are sown with a hell of a debut album.

Thumbs Up. Scotty Miller - Writer

- Scotty Miller

"CD Review "A New World""

"Oshan is not your everyday performer, he is mysterious and seems very kind in nature.

After reviewing his cd, I would say he has a goal, a message of somesort about life and what it means to be real. I hear alot of either bubblegum pop or a kind of indie sounding rock thats seem to be only geared to a certain generation, what about us older farts! Are we that out of print? We can still rock cant we? Oshan seems to get that, his music is modern and new but it has an element of another time wich makes him open to a much larger audience.

He seems to respect music in general and it's like he's paying homage to a lost time while keeping with this one. I love his voice too! He's a crooner for sure.." Valarie L.

- Valarie Lessen

"CD Review 2 "A New World""

"After giving these tracks a quick dart through, I noticed I couldnt just hear a few seconds of each song as I did at first.
I had to go back and listen again, it's like it just grabbed me, he seemed urgent in what he was playing or singing about.

Sometimes I dont quite get what the hell he was talking about but now I realize he was being extremely candid with the words and his phraseing of them. He dosent seem like much of a singer at first but then you realize that you beleive him and what he's singing about, then you see that he means every word as if it's his last, that really got my attention here.

I put the cd away and during the day, I caught myself humming his music! Someone asked what I was singing and I told her. I Went back home and played it again and I found that I really loved it.

I listen to Nirvana and Janes Addiction and never thought I'd be into this guy, Oshan rocks!!!" Mark Dillion - Mark Dillion

"CD Review 3"

"There is something for everyone. It's like a quilt with so many different colors and textures, you dont know what he's going to do next wich makes each track unique and fresh.

The various styles given to these songs at times may seem displaced, but that is his point, Oshan takes the norm and turns it upside down and gives the listener a new way at looking at things, challenging what we hear and making us double take, over and over." John MCcoy - John MCcoy

"Performance at Universal Orlando's "Rising Star""

I can see the expression on his face. It's pre-stage nerves. I have to hand it to him, It's not something I could do unless under the influence some mild medicinal influence. His eyes are closed, indicative of a meditative state, or prayer, or both. I can see it in him even before he leaves the table where the four of us are seated. I can read him. . almost. For this reason alone I know what this man, who has come a long way through many trials, is about to do.

The camera is ready, the audience primed. It's a younger crowd tonight. There are three screens on the stage that have shown music videos appealing to the young men and women that make up the audience at the 'Rising Star' at Universal City Walk.

The MC announces the name on the paper that has been dropped in the container the best part of an hour ago. Now it's time. Our hands come together, and some obligatory and encouraging whooping as the man, unknown to some rises from the chair, ready to rock the stage.

I have initial concerns. It's not about the crowd as such. The previous attempt at a far more upbeat song has given the evening a jump start. Now, the band behind him, the two female 'props' seated to accompany his music, Oshan begins his rendition of 'Let it be'.

There is some nervous laughter, some tittering as bass and guitar is replaced by the metaphorical swaying candles. His face is contorted with passion. Oshan is pouring feeling into a performance that might have been better suited to a lone piano with specific lighting, with lower notes given to the 'meaning' of the song.

Nonetheless, it's not about the audience as such, it's about Oshan getting a 'feel' for what he is about to kick out. And then it happens, and introspection transforms into a broad smile as I raise my camera and begin to snap some shots.

It should be noted, and quite rightly so that Oshan is not stationary, microphone clasped like the Grail in his hands, looking at the lyrics that are scrolling slowly on the screen at his feet. No, Oshan has 'taken the stage'. Oshan 'owns' this song as his body moves to the delivery of the passion and love of what it infuses within him. It is at this point, I believe, that the audience finally understands that it's not some whiny singer trying out for American Idol. This is Oshan rocking the stage; And remarkably, as I find out after the gig, a restrained performance. I can only imagine the man in his full element with the larger audience that will inevitable gravitate to him.

This is the first time I have seen Oshan on stage live. Youtube just can't do it justice. It has to be seen, to be understood just what this man has to offer. I am again reminded loosely of Elvis Presley. There is a difference between performing and 'owning' the moment. For want of a weak analogy, it is the difference between a half baked motion picture and a cinematic great.

I am excited, very excited about the future. I don't want to put Oshan alongside the legends of rock and roll and of the music world. I want to place him in his own right full position as a man who has so much to give and to deliver; So much passion to convey to the audience that will listen and rock with him. Is this not the very concept of music? To join people Universally. To put aside or forget about conflict and prejudice and trials just for one night, and let the food of love and unity play on.

Oshan rocks

Robert Nortcliff

Writer, Director of advertising

Scarlett Monet 2008
- Robert Nortcliff

""Nightmare" Video Review"

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One of the first things you notice about this particular video - and it is quite obvious for it is the first thing you see - is the hand-cam work.

Because honesty and integrity are what I value above everything else (save perhaps the occasional bucket of greasy KFC), I want to be perfectly honest. This work was not done by a certified professional; much as I am not a professional reviewer and do reviews pretty much for the love of the game. That singular fact does not undermine the achievement which is absolutely and undeniably what the music video is. The fact that this footage was shot by the hand of a young man, one of Oshan’s buddies who is now actively involved with that field, makes the footage all the more remarkable. ’Haunting’ and ’insomnia’ are two words that spring to mind during the first segment. It’s daytime and Oshan can’t sleep; his mind is riddled with things that refuse to allow him any form of serenity. It’s that motif. . That haunting sound enhanced by the grainy, shaky, volatile palette that give us everything that we think we need to know- nightmare?- before-


Darkness. . guitar. . a dark, brooding backdrop and rain.

This is a friend I have known for a considerable amount of time - I’ve only seen him in uniform or casual, being one of life’s warriors; fighting the good fight that we all have to fight. On the screen I can see a live manifestation of this energy. Ladies and gentlemen - Elvis has just left the building, entered the Tardis, and shaken a few years to take on a much darker look. Not that I directly associate my good friend with The King you understand (though his profile ain’t that far off). No, I don’t want to be in the iron sights of the firing squad for that one. But I can almost see a blueprint here, on the screen. Oshan is out there, in front of me, giving himself to the music. The music: his passion, anger, frustration, power. It’s all here. . and it’s electric.

I think it would be fair to say that Oshan in this video footage is allowing us to see him unleashing himself - opening those flood gates. Yet, he channels the flow of the music, so that it never gets out of hand or away from us. Indeed, we don’t see the beast; but we do note the battle scars that many others have left.

I am reminded somewhat of the music of Joy Division or of New Order; only Oshan’s voice does not allow us to make such associations for very long. He takes us back and makes us see his music.

I think that this has to be respected in a way. And that last image of holding the guitar before fade to black reaffirms the bond between artist and instrument. So closely we hold dearly to us that which after all is said and done, allows us to channel our energies, and show other people, just what we have got to offer.

Rob Nortcliff

- Robert Nortcliff


"A New World" CD 2009



Oshan's sultry syle and energy has electrified aduiences of all ages. Based in Orlando, Florida, Oshan's gift for songcraft and innovation is getting noticed as a new force in the entertainment community. Oshan is also a versitile actor and writer who recently appeared in the short film "The Good Guys" with director, Bryan Boykins. His debut cd, "A New World" Has been released to great reviews and marks his first collaboration with producer, Gus Caveda.

A sense of inner exploration seem to dominate Oshan's creativity as a whole. Fusing elements of rock, pop, blues, jazz and even classical themes to his work with both new and old approaches, making him a new and unique class all his own. "I want to take music and the expression of art to a new level, a place I and others have never been before.."

"I love the abstract. New ways to express a vision from a different light." That vision is the driving force not only in Oshan's music, but on the screen and in person with whoever meets him. On stage, film or on cd, Oshan translates a language of dynamics and humanity that has seemed to strike a chord in audiences leaving them mezmorized and in awe of his natural ability to create a stir in one's soul, leaving anticipation for what he might do next.