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"SLR Nikon D7000"

1. Hey guys! Last Friday, Two Door shot a music video for international reggae star O-Shen , Directed by Diego Torroija, we used digital SLR Nikon D7000 cameras as well as all of amazing "macguyver" tricks to make a kick ass video and stay within budget. We're in post right now so be sure to check back with us for some behind the scenes footage, completed video, and images of the incredibly talented O-Shen :)

PS-the song is entitled "My Mind", check it out! coming up soon stay tuned.

1. Camera and Lighting:

Nikon D7000 / -Diego
LED: Tracking markers -Diego
Steady cam -Diego
Slider -Diego
50mm 1.4 / 24-80 2.8 / 70-200mm 2.8 VR / 24mm 1.8 -Diego
Marshal monitor -Diego
Dolly /tracks-Diego
Sand bags-Diego
3K Arri -Diego
Cables and extensions/ dimmers-Diego
Jib - Alec
HVX200 w/P2 Cards - Alec
3K Arri Light Kit - Alec
Tripods - Alec
Strobe Kit w/ Honeycomb - Alec
Flexfill - Alec
Sandbags - Alec
Stingers - Alec
Dimmers - Alec
C-Stands w/Arms & Knuckles - Alec
Flags - Alec
Fan -Diego
Circular track -Diego

1. Post :

Add Sound Effects for flares :
Blur Vignette

Slow motion dropping particles water blood - COW Blogs : Diego Torroija's Blog : SLR Nikon D7000


Album Label Release

Iron Youth Cinammon Red Records 2000
Rascal in Paradise Hobo House on the Hill Records 2002
Rising Son Sharpnote Records 2004
Faya! Sharpnote Records 2005
Best of O-Shen Tokuma Records 2006
1 Rebel Sharpnote Records 2007
Saltwater Messenger Village Boy, LLC 2011



O-Shen is an American who grew up among the tribes of the island nation of Papua, New Guinea. He rose to third-world super-stardom when he became the first person to rap and sing reggae in the native languages of the Pacific Islands. After leaving his Island home of Morobe, Papua, New Guinea to attend high school in America, he experienced major culture shock.

Trying to adjust to his new life in America, O-Shen found his way: studying and nurturing his natural talent in freestyle rap and playing the drums. Just 3 years later, he returned to the Pacific Islands and rose to iconic status among the island people as their musical ambassador.

O-Shen is equally well-known as a musical artist in Hawaii, where he now resides. What Bob Marley was to Jamaica, O-Shen appears to the people of the Pacific Islands. He is a versatile artist and song-writer, mixing modern reggae and American rap with Jamaican, Reggae, native chanting and song.

Both television shows and films have used his music, among them Adam Sandler’s “50 First Dates”. Collaborations have included Jamaican artists like Elephant Man, 3rd World, Black, and Uhuru.

With his captivating good looks, fair-haired dreads and a wealth of native tribal tattoos, O-Shen draws attention, and then holds it hostage with his soulful lyrics.

Currently unsigned to a major label, his last six albums were independently produced in PNG and Hawaii. His song “Meri Lewa” was his break-out song in the Pacific Islands, along with the album, “Rebel 1”. His seventh album, “Saltwater Messenger”, out now, includes “Human Traffic” the proceeds of which will be directed toward helping bringing world-wide awareness of this pervasive crime.