Detroit, Michigan, USA
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A creative blend of classic hip-hop with a twist of soulful pop and a splash of inspiration. Download a free refreshing taste at http://oskiworld.com/


O-SKI is a Hip Hop Recording Artist. A songwriter and producer that refers to himself simply as the "creative type" is a true original b-boy apostle is doing the work of an evangelist through music.

O-SKI's personal mission is: to edify the world with purpose, creativity and passion; encouraging every person to let their life speak volumes!

His creative blend of Classic Hip Hop, Soulful Pop and Inspiring lyrics is refreshing to hear and is reminiscent of the days when people made music because they loved it. Influenced by the Soul Music of the 60's and 70's as well as the first two decades of Hip Hop, O-SKI's music is honest and relatable. O-SKI uses his music as an opportunity to develop relationships that lead people to Christ.
O-SKI desires to make music that all can enjoy and prefers to let the way he lives exemplify his faith. O-SKI's vision includes the development of mentoring programs, schools, and resource centers to develop leaders with godly character. A devoted husband and father, O-SKI believes firmly in the family structure and hopes to be a leader in his home as well as in the world.

O-SKI is currently promoting his new Self Titled EP (The Abridged Version, Available on iTunes, Amazon and most major online retailers). The EP features 5 songs and cover a range of topics such as faith, neglect, breaking up, stress, love and more. "Google Me" the lead single from the EP is reminiscent of a young Slick Rick with a new spin on storytelling. "New Style" is sure to put the club on Smash with it's driving bass line and clever wordplay. "Stress" could easily break into the Pop Charts with it's smooth acoustic appeal and relatable lyrics. "Welcome", the intro track is sure to give true hip hop heads a sense of euphoria with it's steady groove, blazing horns and DJ Premier type cuts & vocal samples. And finally, "So Over You" with it's simple and catchy sing along feel should easily become the new "break-up anthem" in more ways then one. O-SKI EP- The Abridged Version is available in digital form only. Get your Copy Today!!!


O-SKI EP (2011)
O-SKI EP- The Abridged Version (2011)

Set List

Current Set List Includes:

1. Welcome
2. So Over You
3. Made Me Do
4. Stress
5. Google Me
6. Not A Game
7. New Style

**There is no specific order to this set and it may vary in length.**