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"Album Review"

Oslo’s sophomore album, The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate, has serious and intellectual tones about it. The album picks up on themes such as determination and will power, like in the songs “No Regrets” and “Things Fall Apart.” To be released Nov. 6, Oslo’s new album is full of alternative rock melodies, definitely influenced by the sounds of British bands. Oslo is like a more transparent version of Oasis. However, despite my British band stereotype, Oslo is actually from LA. The singer’s twang is just a plus. The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate had help from Ryan Hewitt, who was a nominated Grammy engineer/mixer, Mickey P and Sam Fogarino of Interpol. - Mind Your Music- Oct 2007

"Album Review"

Album Review:
Oslo is one of those bands that many people in the “business” know about but they remain relatively new on the public scene. The band hopes all of that will change with this week’s release of their sophomore record The Rise And Fall Of Love And Hate. It is not like they have not had any press because Oslo’s music has already appeared on CSI: NY and The Unit as well as the band being selected to support Blue October’s fall tour. Oslo has many friends and support partly due to founding member multi-instrumentalist Gabrial McNair, who has played for No Doubt as well as Green Day and Gwen Stefani. After McNair linked up with Kerry Wayne James, lead vocalist Mattia Borrani, keyboardist Damon Ramirez (Fungo Mungo) and drummer Charlie Walker (Institute, Helmet) the band was on their way to breaking out. Oslo plays a true mix of rock, shoegaze and UK charm straight out of California that is full of textured layers and detailed song structures. Borrani’s vocals soar above the instrumentation and lead each song to a convincing conclusion. The album was co-produced with Grammy Nominated engineer/mixer Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Mickey P (Beck, Peaches, The Eels) and Sam Fogarino (Drummer, Interpol), which also plays on several tracks along with other guest performers like Adrian Young (No Doubt), Melissa Auf Der Maur, and Paz Lechantin (Zwan). The balance for Oslo on The Rise And Fall Of Love And Hate is that for all of the complexity of their music the tracks succeed because they are very brooding and catchy, which just makes you want to take them for another spin.

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony
- THE FIRE NOTE- Oct 2007

"New Music First"

Five-piece dramatic rock group Oslo has announced that their latest album The Rise And Fall Of Love And Hate (Six Feet/Sidecho), will be out on iTunes September 25 and in stores October 23. Featuring guest appearances by Melissa Auf Der Maur and No Doubt's drummer Adrian Young, the album will be followed by an extensive fall tour. The band will culminate their latest jaunt October 20 at Trash Bar during this year's CMJ Music Marathon.

By Lauren Piper - CMJ- Sept 2007

"'Oslo rises to release'"

Underrated, unsigned L.A. quintet Oslo celebrates the release of its new album, "The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate," with a show tonight at the Roxy. The album (out now digitally, in stores Nov. 6) furthers the explorations by songwriting triad Mattia Borrani, Kerry Wayne James and Gabrial McNair into heady, anthemic rock that sounds more London than L.A. Yeah, you can hear some Radiohead in there.
-Kevin Bronson - Los Angeles Times- Oct 2007


"The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate"
Six Feet Music Group- November 6, 2007
Feature songs: "Slowdive", "No Regrets", "The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate"

Oslo (Self Titled) Six Feet Music Group- March 29, 2005
The song "Minutegun" has recieved a healthy amount of airplay on Los Angeles' Indie 103.1FM



California band Oslo comprised of Mattia Borrani (lead vocals, guitar), Kerry Wayne James (bass) and Gabrial McNair (guitar, backing vocals), Damon Rameriz (keyboard) and Charlie Walker (drums), has enjoyed much success independent of any label support. Their emotive and engaging live shows and self-titled, self-produced debut release (2005) garnered significant buzz and coverage from RollingStone, Billboard, Music Edge, LA Weekly and the Los Angeles Times, which named Oslo one of the top 10 bands to download in the Fall of 2006. Oslo recently wrapped recording of their forthcoming sophomore release The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate, which they co-produced with Grammy Nominated engineer/mixer Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Mickey P (Beck, Peaches, The Eels) and Sam Fogarino (Drummer, Interpol).

The critical acclaim of both their live shows and their debut release underscores not only the band's onstage showmanship but the complexity and depth with which they compose music. Rich in texture, melody and fervor the Oslo sound conveys a layered listening experience that is as intricate as it is intelligent and evocative. "One of us will come up with a rough song structure and as a band we'll morph it into something that has a life of its own, something that we never, as an individual, would have created. That is one of the things I love about making music as a band." Borrani reflects, "it's very organic."

Though Oslo was founded in 2003, the band's history begins ten years earlier when Gabrial McNair, known for his work as touring and recording multi-instrumentalist for No Doubt as well as Green Day and Gwen Stefani, met Kerry Wayne James, backstage at a gig in San Francisco. Later, Kerry would meet songwriter and vocalist Mattia Borrani, through a mutual friend. All three would continue their individual endeavors until a series of serendipitous encounters in Los Angeles led the trio to reconnect and begin writing together. Shortly thereafter, they founded Oslo, recorded their debut release and beefed up their onstage set as a quintet with keyboardist Damon Ramirez and drummer Charlie Walker, both of whom play on the self-titled debut and The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate.

"Minutegun," off the band's debut release, quickly became a Los Angeles radio favorite while "The Stranger" was featured on CSI: NY in the Fall of 2006. After touring for most of 2005, Oslo began writing again, returning to the studio last summer to record their forthcoming sophomore album The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate. The album features guest appearances by Adrian Young, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Paz Lechantin and Ana Lechantin.

In the Fall of 2006, Texas natives Blue October, having caught Oslo earlier in the year playing the Texas RockFest during SXSW chose the band over 30 others to support their Fall tour in the US and Canada, further broadening the Oslo fanbase. Oslo, recently appeared on Indie 103.1's Check One...Two to preview new tracks from their upcoming release. "Oslo have the chops, tunes and aura to influence rather than be influenced. It's time for a liberating leap into originality's embrace," says LA Weekly's Paul Rogers.