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Antioch, California, United States | INDIE

Antioch, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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They’re a lot like the teenagers living in the house next door to you: one minute their greeting you in your front lawn, the next their playing doorbell ditch on Halloween. One minute their cute little boys trying to play catch with the football, the next their star running backs for their high school football team. One minute their ducking under the covers pleading for five more minutes of shut-eye, the next their racing through a day full of recording, practices and performances.

With their easy-going demeanor and schoolboy charm, Aundrey Anderson aka Oso and Harold McQueen aka Haji, could easily be somebody that you know. With their incredible Hip Hop tones, they lace you with clever lyrics, hypnotic tracks and impeccable rhymes; they’re someone that the world will soon know.

Oso & Haji aren’t part of some A-list producer’s camp. Nor do they hail from any of those famous urban music hubs like NYC, Compton or the ATL. Straight from San Francisco, CA (Oso) and Oakland, CA (Haji) – they prove that real talent, persistence and charisma still have a place in the Hip Hop music industry.

One listen to their rap skillz and you’re tempted to draw comparisons. But listen a bit longer and those comparisons begin to fade as it becomes clear that, while Oso & Haji certainly channel their creativity of those who come before them, they definitely have a style, a flavor and a place in Hip Hop that are all their own.

The first single, the Sideways – produced “WET,” is an irresistible up-tempo dance joint with an attention-grabbing hook. The slightly braggadocios “WET” finds Oso & Haji running down their credentials to the ladies. “It’s just explaining how we’re coming out, the typical bragging about yourself a little bit, but not too much and telling the ladies who might be older than us ‘You may be three years older, but we’re not that “WET” behind the ears to give you a run for your money,’” says Haji.

Oso & Haji wrap their emotions around each and every lyric and add the right amount of passion, fun and swagger to all of their tracks at the right time. From the lyrically acrobatic “DOIN IT MOVIN” to the tender, ponderous “GIVE ME WHAT I NEED” (both produced by Sideways) to the naughty “DREAMGURLZ” (use your imagination), Oso & Haji explore the many colors of life and love as teenage boys and they do so without being too infantile or too raunchy. “You don’t want to come out too sexual,” Oso explains. “We’re young. We want to appeal to people our own age as well as older people. This gives us time to grow with our audience so we can make that change when we’re 20. But for right now, we don’t wanna be too kiddie or too grown.”

In selecting songs for their up and coming Debut album ‘STAY FLY’, Oso & Haji said they simply relied on their own sense of what was hot and what was real for them and their peers. “When we hear these songs, we feel something. We know we can relate to them. We take ourselves out of the artist box and we become an audience member and we critique ourselves.”

This is the beginning of a great adventure. Oso & Haji come to the music industry fully-loaded as not only talented lyricists, but also as versatile songwriters, amazing entertainers and businessmen who have learned the many intricacies of the music industry. Still, they enjoy a mischievous evening of doorbell ditch, and despite their demanding career, they say, “We still hate waking up.”

Oso & Haji may still be a lot like the boys who live next door to you; but not really. You’ll see.