Oso Sensei

Oso Sensei


World and Reggae artist


Oche Otache, A.k.a Oso Sensei (The Righteous Teacher).
Am a Nigerian from Benue State\ Kwara State (My father from Benue State and My Mother from Kwara State?)

I started performing Professionally at 1993 with my first group TNT (Too Naughty Tonight), members of the group included Tony, Dosy, Stormy J and Ibn Ghazi was a group that consisted of Hip-Hop and R&B artists and I the raga artist.
We broke up at 1994 when I joined a band called Pep Talk, it was an eye opening experience, because I ended up becoming the bands producer and lead vocalist, we had gigs all over the country till we broke up in 1996, where I went solo for a year jamming most of the time with the Black Maskuraders for a year before forming a group called The Organized Konfusion.
The Organized Konfusion was the best group I worked with, the group consisted of, Slick Mart (R&B vocalist), Del T(Rap Artist) and Jersey Miller(Beat Box Master) and I, the raga artist. The combination was wonderful and the group brought me to lime light. We broke up in 2000.
I released my first single in 2001, it was too hardcore and the country couldnÂ’t accept it. My second single came in 2002 which was a massive success. After that I left the scene till May 2004 and brought out a seventeen tracker album which is presently a success, or better still I had about four massive hits. The song Balaspa was on MTN TOP TEN for twenty six weeks and on Power countdown .The MTN TOP TEN is a nationally recognised chart for the top ten songs in the country.