Outerspace Politicians

Outerspace Politicians


Energetic and down to earth -- we like to kick it old school. Hailing from house party scenes and growing up obsessed with blink-182, our shows are both wild and fun.


"If you combine house parties, fruity loops and Soulja Boy" exclaims Nathan Darmody, guitar playing and founding member, "you get the Outerspace Politicians." With all the energy of Hannah Montana in 3D - minus Miley Cyrus and the Disney fame - the Outerspace Politicians have spent the last year developing both their music and their unrestrained live show.

The San Diego based trio formed after Zach Porter and Nathan Darmody left a local pop rock outfit, joining Tom Norris on the keyboards. The group quickly put out a few demo songs that they cemeted around their MySpace, drawing thousands of fans and thousands of plays on a daily basis. By this time it wasn't a fun hobby anymore, it was business.

Hailing influences from hellogoodbye, The Ramones, blink-182, Bruce Springsteen, and many others, the Outerspace Politicians created a lasting blend of poppy melodies and unforgettable choruses married with lyrics relative to fans of all ages.

Along with writing music and playing shows, the Outerspace Politicians enjoy Mexican food, the Discovery Channel, and writing biographies in third person.


The Countdown

Written By: Outerspace Politicians

fliggle fliggle


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Set List

1. The Countdown
2. Submarine Warfare
3. Writers Block
4. On the Side of the Road
5. This Shouldn't Be Legal
6. Dance Forever
7. TV on the Radio

Our sets are typically 30 minutes in length --