BandMetalNew Age

I strive to make music different every time I write a tune.


Searching the world for new genres Scott has been making new approaches to writing tunes for 4 years now. He started playing the piano at 5 years old, took classical lessons until he was 18 as well as played the trombone all through high school. At 16 he started sequencing and recording his own ideas and at 18, bought his first professional sequencer and synthesizer. Since then Scott has been attracted to various styles of music including heavy metal, rock, and classical. Every new composition of his must sound different then anyone before it and after 100's of recorded tunes, he has a strong library of instrumentals ready for film or video game scoring. And now is in his second year of music at selkirk college as a composition major.
Scott has worked with many other metal musicians in kelowna including Brent Gallant, Nils Mikkelsen and Ryan Cessford. He has played in bands including Atre Este, Valathalion, Metal Storm, and Metal militia. And continues to summit his work to various music competitions and organizations around the world in hopes of becoming a professional film scorer.


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