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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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"Ossie Dellimore New Album"

"Reggae Music" is Ossie Dellimore’s long-awaited follow-up to "Freedom's Journal" and believe me when I say it was worth the wait. This is one of the strongest releases you’ll ever hear.

Opening with "The Secret To Success," this crucial release shows Ossie in strong vocal form and is full of back-to-back classics - clocking in at just over 60 minutes of brilliance. The musicianship and sound is outstanding and Ossie is one of the most prolific songwriters of his generation and proves it throughout this disc.

"Scandal Mongerer" and "Caribbean And American" have been previously released on the Skank label (from "Crucial Reggae from Outside Jamaica Vol. 3" and "Classic Rasta From Jamaica And Beyond Vol. 1," respectively). Otherwise these tunes have never before been on any record. Each track is truly fantastic but especially moving is "Overstanding," a touching song he composed for his late sister.

Once again a 16-page informative booklet has been included, this time with Ossie's thoughts on each song as well as detailed lyrics and credits. Portions of the proceeds are, as usual, being donated to Doctors Without Borders, aka Medicines Sans Frontieres.

Skank Records is proud to offer Ossie Dellimore's sophomore release to the world. This one will undoubtedly be a serious contender for album of the year honors. Check it out.
- Skank Records.


Freedom's Journal - 2000
Reggae Music - 2010



It is too easy to rant and rave about the album, Freedom’s Journal “Righteousness Exalteth a Nation” [Skank Productions]. Ossie Dellimore, together with the Soldiers of Justice, create a powerful ambience of love and unfaltering consciousness as well as a superb contribution to world of roots rock reggae. From St. Vincent, Ossie Dellimore’s tenor voice is strong and confident as it delivers the conscious messages within his lyrics. Several tracks on his album that are worth mention, and the bass lines on this CD are bold, driving the music at a rock-steady pace. It is surprising to see what talented artistes are out there if care enough to look. This is not one of those CDs that you buy for just one song. Almost every track is a concrete example of what modern roots rock reggae is at its best.

The disc starts off with “The System,” introduced with grinding keyboards and funky guitar that set the standard of musicianship the Soldiers of Justice bring to every song on this album. The lyrics bring up many very crucial questions like, “Is it a part of the plan?” After having I consciousness raised by the first track, Ossie follows with the uplifting reminder that divine justice will never fail I N I in “Fire Man.”

Now, behold the beauty of “Time Has Come,” a song calling for Jah truth to be handed on to the youths in abundance. “Solomon Dub” follows with a first-rate mix of the instrumental of the prior track, allowing for continued meditations on the lyrics of “Time Has Come.” Fast forward a track, and you will find that it is not all seriousness. “Rocker Reggae” is fun track that shows the carefree side of Ossie. For those imprisoned spiritually, mentally, and or physically, lend an ear to “Got to Be Free.” If you enjoyed Peter Tosh’s version you will also apprecilove Ossie’s “Downpressor Man.” Once again, Ossie blesses the mic with the lyrics of “A Better Way,” a song about what most are looking for, and even an answer to finding a better way. “We got show it in the lives we lead.” Another uplifting reminder of what is to come is explored in the sounds of “Justice.” On the rougher side of the spectrum, the album finishes off “Sharp as a Razor” and “Razor Dub,” a warning unto those who cross this Rastaman. Yeah man, this album is not for the slight of heart soldiers of Babylon.

By Aldo Fonticiella