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Manhattan Beach, California, United States | INDIE

Manhattan Beach, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"On My Way"

1.“Yours Forever” KRONiS 3:22
(A. Kronis, J. Lehman, F. Lucio;
Copyright 2005 by Stamina Music Publishing/SOCAN)

2.“Golden Opportunity” Austin Hartley-Leonard 4:09
(A. Hartley-Leonard; Copyright 2008 by Mother West LLC/ASCAP)

3.“Good Morning” Pilot Touhill 3:19
(V. Lomardo, M. Lowe; Copyright 2008 by Family Pride/BMI)

4.“Something Under the Sun” Sean Cleland 3:30
(S. Cleland, Copyright 2009 by Hollow Spheres Music/ASCAP)

5.“Blame It On the Margaritas” Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 4:04
(H. Livingston, Copyright 2007 by Howard Livingston
and Southernmost Entertainment/ASCAP)

6.“Mississippi” Angie Mattson 4:29
(A. Mattson; Copyright 2010 by Angie Mattson/ASCAP)

7.“Be Good to Me” Austin Hartley-Leonard 4:36
(A. Hartley-Leonard; Copyright 2009 by Austin Hartley-Leonard/ASCAP)

8.“I'm Lost” The Few and the Faithful 4:21
(E. Callahan; Copyright 2010 by Ellis Callahan)

9.Soberano” New Madrid 3:00
(A. Ito; Copyright 2009 by New Madrid)

10.“Running With the Bulls” Mesa Blue 3:31
(C. Del Priore; Copyright 1997 Mesa Blue/ASCAP)

11.“Carmen (Spanglish Edit)” Anything Box 5:34
(Claude S.; Copyright 2007 by Anything Box/BMI)

12..Jay Walking 'Cross Oxford Street” selfish?lovers 4:16
(A. Bielizna, M. Raynor, C. Probert; Copyright 2010 by selfish?lovers)

13.“Sucia” The Stares 3:48
(A. Benintendi and D. Whittemore; Copright 2010 by Fluid Light Music/ASCAP)

14.“Tracy Boys Fight the World” Lexington Field 3:08
(B. Gray, O. Hobson, C. Smith, B. Hane; Copyright 2010 by Lexington Field)

15.“All the Western Winds” The Rocketboys 5:06
(J. Campbell, M. Holt, B. Kinder, D. Wheeler, J. Wiseman, P. Ellis;
Copyright 2009 by Monticello Publishing/BMI and Ellis Milienne Publishing/BMI)

16.“Chasing After You” J Minus 4:00
(D. Fant, T. Wheetman; Copyright 2006 by Fant-Wheetman-Mongillo)

17.“The Anthem Is A Gift” The Winter Sounds 4:19
(P. Keenan; Copyright 2009 by The Winter Sounds)

18.“Livin' On Key West Time” Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 4:29
(H. Livingston, Copyright 2005 by Howard Livingston/ASCAP)

“On My Way” Copyright 2010 by ostrich music group
Individual copyrights reside with the individual owners.


Feeling a bit camera shy


For our first album release, Ostrich Music Group assembled a group of diverse, undiscovered talent into a concept album which origially was to be loosely based on travel but ended up following a story board, The Legend of On My Way. While it may not be as clearly delineated as "Jesus Christ Superstar," it makes a hell of a lot more sense than "Tommy" ever did. And the music is excellent.

But first, here's a littel real information about the artists and their songs:

“Yours Forever” was written for Spiderman 2''s soundtrack, but the lucky break barely eluded Canadian rocker KRONiS, a story familiar to many talented indie artists. This is its initial U.S. Release on CD. Austin Hartley-Leonard's “Golden Opportunity” elaborates on the familiar story of chasing musical dreams, stepping away from the familiar into an unknown world, sometimes before anyone else hears the full instrumentation of the song within the artist, often chasing promises of Golden Opportunities to Southern California.
In contrast, Pilot Touhill rode the California beach lifestyle like a small board on a choice wave into the music business. From the moment the Ostrich saw their clever video for “Good Morning,” he's been a fan. Of course, California doesn't have a monopoly on sunny beaches, and none are better than Hawaii's. If the Hollow Spheres are Hawai's Grateful Dead, then Sean Cleland is their Jerry Garcia. Sean's solo song “Something Under the Sun” feels like a perfect day at Ka'anapali. When talking beach music, Florida can't be ignored. “Blame It On the Margaritas” won South Florida's Tropical Rock Song of the Year Award in 2008, an award Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 pretty much own year after year with new original songs.
Michigan native Angie Mattson's live show in Marina Del Rey surprised the Ostrich like few artists have. Far from wispy, this frail girl belted out hypnotic songs accompanied by electric guitar mastery for an experience more like Pink Floyd than the pop singer he expected. Her sultry “Mississippi” had the Ostrich expecting a riverboat to pass by the harbor outside. Similarly, on a different night at Hotel Cafe in L.A., Austin Hartley-Leonard transported the Ostrich to Bourbon Street with “Be Good to Me.” He would have never guessed Austin originally came from Chicago, or that he was also a classically trained cellist. Ellis Callahan, on the other hand, comes from the rolling hills of rural Tioga, Pennsylvania. “I'm Lost,” performed with his band the Few and the Faithful, delivers that back roads Americana at the heart of his best songs.
New Madrid's“Soberano” is a multi-cultural triumph, making it hard to identify the geographical origins of this Brooklyn, New York, trio. Chris Del Priore of Mesa Blue started his life in New York, but Northern San Diego County has been his home over 20 years. The Ostrich discovered Mesa Blue at Mikey's Coffee in Poway, a terrific venue for indie music in its day. Mesa Blue's “Running With the Bulls” paints an atmospheric tone poem of Pamplona, Spain,with signature percussion and acoustic guitar. With computers and synthesizers, Orange County's Anything Box comes at music from the opposite direction, but their sci-fi inspired sound also has heart. “Carmen (Spanglish Edit),” a previously unreleased version of their original song “Carmen,” is proof.
With “Jay Walking 'Cross Oxford Street,” there's no doubt you've arrived musically in England, and Manchester's own selfish?lovers deliver fresh British pop. “Sucia,” accented by sounds reminiscent of the “Magical Mystery Tour” era, sounds British too, but The Stares are based in Seattle. The Ostrich thinks the rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest must simulate the creative atmosphere of London.
The best Irish folk punk comes from Dublin or Boston, right? San Diego's Lexington Field challenges this premise with their original song “Tracey Boys Fight the World.” The Rocketboys of Austin, Texas, simply blow the Ostrich away with “All the Western Winds” every time he hears it. You too?
Bringing us home is J Minus, from that great musical city Seattle. “Chasing After You” combines fun musical elements in a surprising synergism that makes the Ostrich smile. The Winter Sounds' sweet harmonies immediately bring to mind the Beach Boys, but this band from Athens, Georgia, doesn't sing about beaches and sunny days but about their Haunted South. “The Anthem Is the Gift” reminds us that summer doesn't last forever. The Ostrich originally planned to bring the CD to a close in the snow of the Carolinas, but Howard Livingston, the unofficial ambassador for the Florida Keys, convinced the Ostrich that he should chill out with “Livin' On Key West Time” as a sort of sunny encore.
Ostrich Music Group is excited to introduce this fantastic group of varied performers. It should bring to mind concept albums by bands like the Beatles who dared to stretch styles beyond pre-conceived commercial boundaries and have fun d