Osvaldo Paese

Osvaldo Paese


The songs that Justin Timberlake and George Clinton will be writing in the desert in the year 2349.


22 year old Singer songwriter from Chicago with over 300 songs of his own. Plays a lot of open mics and has shows here and there.


Being In The Garden

Written By: Osvaldo Paese

Crayola doesn't make this color
Go and tell your mother
Have a better piece of the square
You outta strip down bare

Your faith is amusing
Dirty Tricks are trembling
Browse around the statue
Of the the one dog linking peace

The beautician eats the beast
The lady in red is at the feast
I don't know who sent them
Victory is something that bends

Gas prices will only get higher
All presidents are liars
Living here we are lost
Living there we don't know the cost

Being in the garden
Means drinking from the fountain
Fade to black , lick rust
My face is a lame duck

The mortician eats the beast
The man in black knows the recipe
I don't know who sent them
Victory is something that bends

Enter into the pastime
Where we only last a lifetime
Incognito we stand
This is still a blessed land

The future is a lock
No one can make it stop
The past is in a safe
That won't be kept to remain

The insurance man eats the insured
The white dog is blurred
I don't know when it's gonna stop
Hero's don't have mental blocks


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Set List

I can play anywhere from 15 minutes- 4 hours.