Boca Raton, Florida, USA

I am a Singer, Composer, and Songwriter, 3 skills that have allowed me to vary my musical repertoire. I can sing in English, French, Creole, Spanish. I can perform in several different genres: Classical, Pop, RB, ZOuk, SOul, Konpa, Accoustic, Gospel, Etc...


Oswald began to sing at a very young age. He used to sing everywhere and affirmed, it is an automatism . At the age of 13 he became an orphan and was forced to go live with a foster family. Since then he started writing songs to reveal his feelings. These writings were for him a mean of expression that he used to heal his heart after this tragedy.

In 2007, He won the fifth edition of the "Defi Lyceen which took place in Guadeloupe where he faced sixteen other participants of the Caribbean. The apotheosis of his career was confirmed when he was invited to perform along with other big names such as Ralph Tamar, Tania Saint-Val, Dominique Coco, and Martine Sylvestre, in the first part of the tribute concert to George Benson, the famous American guitarist, singer and composer, in Guadeloupe, in December 2007. That same year, Oswald released his first Maxi single called " My life " composed of four titles of soul and R&b recorded in Yard Studio in Saint-Martin.

Michel Mado, talented pianist and songwriter of Guadeloupe, estimated that he has made a special discovery in Oswald's presence and granted him a title on his album Dedicace released in 2008.

In 2010, Oswald came back with two new singles Nan Lanmou laj pa ekziste and " Ton absence " a duo, which featured the talented Misty Jean. These two singles received the approval of his fans and the international media. Nan Lanmou is currently being aired in countries such as France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Haiti, Tahiti, Dakar, St Martin, USA, etc. with the support of Major radio networks such as NRJ, RFO, TropiqueFM, MFM, just to name a few. The promotional tour during the month of June 2010 in Florida followed right after. During that tour, Oswald had a chance to perform at several venues, including the 28th anniversary of "fte de la musique" organized by Alliance Francaise de South Florida where he made a memorable appearance on stage.

At the end of the first quarter of 2011, Oswald released a third single entitled I Need Your Body which instantly became a hit worldwide with the support of international Media entities such as NRJ, RFO, TraceFm, TropiqueFm, MFM, etc He released the video for that single on April 11, 2011. The video is currently being aired worldwide through TraceTv, Trace Tropical, Tempo Tv, and the social networking websites. The video was followed by the release of his first studio album on April 15, 2011. Oswald is currently on a promotional tour to promote the new album. During the tour, he will be performing and signing albums in several cities of the United States, France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, La Reunion, Mayotte, Madagascar, French Guyana, and others.

Oswalds songwriting, composing, and singing skills, have allowed him to vary his repertoire at any given moment. Oswald is an artist on the rise!


I Currently have an album out.

1. Intro—Oswald
2. Nan Lanmou(laj pa ekziste) – Oswald (Written and produced by Oswald; Co-Produced by JBeatz)
3. Personne – Oswald Feat. Methi’S (Written and produced by Oswald; Co-Produced by Styley Records.Guitar by ALI ANGEL)
4. All I Need is a Dance – Oswald Feat. Dutty Sham (Written and produced by Oswald. Co-Written by Dutty Sham)
5. I Need your Body – Oswald Feat. SOS (Written and produced by Oswald)
6. Let’s Go Dancing – Oswald (Written and produced by Oswald)
7. Gade-m Nan Je – Oswald Feat. Flav (Written and produced by Jean Ernst Lafortune aka “Ti Pachou”)
8. Madanm – Oswald (Credits for Original version: Written and produced by “Orchestre Tropicana D’Haiti”; This version Co-Produced by Styley Records. Guitar by ALI ANGEL)
9. Ton Absence– Oswald Feat. Misty Jean (Written and produced by Oswald; Co-Written and Co-Produced by Jeff Wainwright)
10. Vagabon san Lespri – Oswald (Written and produced by Oswald)
11. In My Bed ---Oswald Feat. D.O. Gizzle (Written by Oswald and D.O. Gizzle; Co-produced by Oswald and Getop)

Set List


1) SOLO, the artists and 1 DJ

2) LIVE BAND: the artist, 1 keyboard player, 1 Guitar player, 1 Bass player, and 1 drummer.