Sarnia, Ontario, CAN

We are a group of driven individuals from diverse musical backgrounds striving for our own sound; one that stands out from other bands, and is as varied as the people who make up the band. Our sound ranges from melodic to heavy, with lots of epic hooks, catches and twists.


Osyron is a Canadian metal band from Sarnia, Ontario. The band was founded under the name Morbid Theory, and now consists of Bobby Harley (vocals, guitar), Krzysztof Stalmach (guitar), and Curt Manzys (drums).

They wrote their first demo, Chaos Breed, and released it in December 2006. Since that release, Osyron, performing under the name Morbid Theory, have dedicated themselves to enhancing their quality and sound by performing multiple shows and small tours alongside successful bands like Norther, Protest the Hero, Threat Signal, Quo Vadis, and The Agonist.

Beginning summer 2009, the band began writing material for their first full-length album, Harbinger. They recorded a demo of it at Ice House Studios (Goderich, Ontario) and released it digitally in August 2010.

Following a line-up change in 2011, the band felt they needed a fresh start with their new ideas. Their title was changed to Osyron, and Harbinger was re-recorded under the new name. It is planned on being released spring 2012.

Harbinger is the first album of a trilogy, and strives to be unique compared to other releases. It is a story of one man's battle with the rapidly, and tragically, changing environment surrounding him. Progressive, powerful, epic, and dominating, the album contains styles ranging from crushing and heavy to catchy and melodic, and is guaranteed to grasp and hold onto to any listener's ear.


Harbinger (2012)
- Debut, full-length

Set List

For a 30-minute set, this is usually what we'd play. Depending on if we have more or less time, we can add or take away songs.

Dormant Insurrection
Lifting of the Veil
Going Under
Gallery of Fools