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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop




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"Demonstration #1 2005 (Demo)
N4N b/w Knucklebreakers 2008 (Single)
Supernova 2010 (LP)
"No Clip Full Enough" 2013 (LP)



Austin, Texas-based OT23 is an adult hip hop group who makes hip hop music for adults. BMC and Lord Higgs are life-long fans of the art form and have gone from fans to artists with respect for its history and hope for its future. They feel that as the first generation of children who grew up identifying with a particular genre of music the way theirs has, it is their duty to preserve the art form while furthering it's progression by walking the fine line of providing the insights of adulthood while maintaining relevance so as to be relatable to their peers and well as those coming up as fans of hip hop.

2013 has seen the release of their second studio album No Clip Full Enough. This album steers away from the political-tinged imagery of their past and takes a more lyrically self-focused bent . Produced entirely by Ruler Why and taking over two years to complete, it is an example of what hip hop can be.

OT23 has performed over 180 live shows all over Austin and throughout Texas. They have have opened for national touring artists such as RZA, Slum Village, Abilities, Sole, Killah Priest and Qwel and Maker. They have collaborated and performed with the highest quality hip hop artists in the city of Austin and their name should be mentioned in any conversation of the best.

OT23 is working a variety of projects including an EP, several singles, collaboration tracks, and solo efforts.

Ruler Why produces many of the top hip hop acts in Austin and San Antonio. He is looking to take his sound to artists nationwide.

Stream "No Clip Full Enough" here http://spoti.fi/1eLJEoz


Higgs hails from Orange Texas and BMC is an Austin native from 78723. They met in 2004 as liberal arts students at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. They hit it off based on their mutual love of hip hop and scrutiny of what they were told was the Truth.

Within a week they were writing songs and they knew they were what each other had been searching for. Thus began journey of OT23. In spring of 2005 they released a five song demo and they performed together for the first time during SXSW week. After a few shows in East Texas, and college graduation for both, the duo moved to Austin in the Summer of 2007 and immediately began working toward writing an album and playing as many shows as they could. Having no steady producer upon arrival, their first shows were backed by a live band that theyd met upon moving to the city. Within six months they had begun to work with Austinite Dylan Camero to procure beats to back their album. After obtaining a stockpile of beats, they started performing regularly, sometimes multiple times a week. It was during this period that the group developed their dominating stage presence. While building a loyal fan base had the duo extremely satisfied with their shows and the ability to move the crowd, OT23 still desired more than anything to release an album. 2008 saw the first proper OT23 release. This was a single for their song N4N. The cd single also featured the tracks Knucklebreakers and "Hangover:Obama. They worked hard on their own toward making a full length album that year, and into 2009, but kept running into roadblocks when it came finishing the project.

Fast forward to early 2010. After a particularly rawkus performance the duo was approached by a producer from San Antonio that had recently moved to Austin named Ruler Why. He had established himself in his hometown as a producer of hip hop in the purest form with his group The Vultures. It was exactly this sample-based, boom bap sound that Higgs and BMC were looking for. Having recently parted ways, due to difference in creative direction, with their producer, the timing was perfect for Ruler to join ranks with OT23. The three immediately gelled and went to work on recording the album Supernova. The production credits for the tracks were already set, so Ruler, accomplished in recording, mixing and mastering, handled those duties. Also, three of the tracks on the album were scraped and replaced with Ruler Why productions. The album was released on December 10, 2010 on Ruler Why Recordings.

The three quickly went to work on a new album and spent the next two-and-a-half years working and reworking the tracks before releasing the perfected "No Clip Full Enough" on Ruler Why Recordings, September 17, 2013.

"We've been making the music we want to make for a long time now. We've played enough shows to be considered more than hobbyists. Our approach has always been to win one fan at a time while we we live grown folk lives with real life responsibilities. And while we both know we will always continue to make the music we want to make for us, we'd like it to by heard be the hip hop heads around the world. " -Lord Higgs

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