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"Young Blood-O.T. And Young Jay Let Go On Just Released"

Usually, it takes more than eight months of dues-paying to get on a bill with a platinum-selling hip-hop artist, but local sons O.T. and Young Jay are rewriting those rules. The two Western Montanans shot from obscurity to a recent slot oeping for Young Buck at The OtherSide in less than a year, a rise they aim to cement on their upcoming album Just Released.

"We're the new bloodin the Northwest hip-hop scene," says Young Jay, speaking before the duo's April 29 night set.

Just Released, the debut effort by O.T. (Tyler Sant) and Young Jay (Jay Jordan), features 15 tracks on which they "represent the 406" and "clown on all the 406 rappers that get on a mic and talk about how they are gang bangers packin' heat...and never been to the hood," as O.T. puts it on his MySpace page.

O.T., 22, grew up in Missoula and teamed up with Young Jay, 18, who moved back to Missoula where he was born, from Yakima, Wash., last fall. Many of the duo's rhymes are fueled by O.T.'s recent two-year stint at the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, which supply hard, gritty lyrics like those on "Pimp Thang ft. LeJiT": "Too many ******* to decide where the **** I'ma be/ But you know one thing it's gonna be in MT/ I'ma rep where I'm from, yeah I'm proud where I raised/ I'ma balla motha******, aint a damn thing to change/ Whatchu wanna do huh?, Whatchu wanna do/ Take a shot at me motha******, I'll eat you like piranhas do."

Last Sunday, after an audience of 300 took a listen, a couple dozen fans liked O.T. and Young Jay's style enough to purchase an album, which is just gravy after the plum opening spot, says O.T.

"Being up there on stage feels like being on top of the world," he says as someone sticks an album in his face and asks for an autograph.

O.T. and Young Jay play at a CD-release party Thursday, May 3, at 9 PM at The OtherSide 10 PM. $7/$9 18-21. - Dillon Tabish

"MOORE'S BAG - More time needed to appreciate passage of time"

If a white guy with a guitar is not your thing, maybe you'll be up for some rather foul-mouthed rap from the mouths of O.T. Playa and Young Jay, who are releasing their new CD "Just Released," at the Otherside on Thursday. It's $7 and the show starts at 8:45 p.m.

Playa and Young Jay apparently hail from Missoula and, from the sound of it, spend most of their time trying to stay out of jail. That's a good thing, because these boys have some talent. Their raps are peppered with some pretty tough language, and they are occasionally misogynistic posers who are way too worried about somebody disrespecting them. On the other hand, this record has some clever beats and offers a peep show into the rap life kicking around Zoo City.

That said, you wouldn't want to take much instruction from these boys, unless you're looking to be a pimp or a jailbird. And it's mildly irritating that the woman who contributes some prime vocals to the new record gets no mention on the album sleeve, but that shouldn't be much of a surprise on a record that routinely refers to women as "bitches." Still, Playa sounds like a young Eminem, and that's not an entirely bad thing.



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Tyler Sant A.K.A. O.T. Playa has been there and done that...In and out of jail cells and prison, he is back and better than ever...Without a doubt he has talent...and reps the 406 and will until he dies...O.T. first saw the Mic Booth 9 months ago, and since then has become one of the Northwest's premier artists...In that amount of time O.T. has already shared the stage with Afroman, G-Unit's Young Buck, RBiz and JaeO, and Filth and Foul...Partnered up with Young Jay...O.T. has an album coming out on May 3rd, 2007 which is one of the hottest album's to come out of the NorthWest...O.T. and Young Jay's Album Release Party was set up by O.T. himself, and is expected to be one of the biggest release parties to hit Montana since RBiz and JaeO's...When it all started O.T. knew nothing about the music business, but has bullied his way into it...Basically their album represents the 406 and the North Coast as a whole...O.T. takes shots at everyone that has doubted his musical talent, and clowns on all the 406 rappers that get on a mic and talk about how they are gang bangers packin heat...and never been to the hood...O.T. is as real as it gets when it comes to his music...and refuses to quit...Whether or not he makes it big time is all up to God...He is in the business to be heard...Everyone has a story to tell...and this is his way of expressing his...

Javan Jordan aka Young Jay was born in Missoula, MT on May 10th, 1988 and shortly after moved to the flathead reservation. Young Jay attended school in a little town of St. Ignatius and bounced back and forth between St. Ignatius, MT and Ellensburg and Yakima, Washington. Young Jay was a street solja by the time he was 12, takin in by some high rollers (most of which are incarcerated or decised) both on the rez and in Washington. Thats were he devoloped his dope game, his G-Code ethics and his love for Hip-Hop. Young Jay says "Every where I've been, everyone has money, cuz everybody sells drugs.", the northwest was invaded by Methanphedamine and unequal opportunity, so what is a young man of color to do, how does he get money when he's frowned upon by peers as being less equal becaues of the friends and the male role models he is forced to look upon? You make money and flaunt, so thats what Young Jay did untill he had to take a unfortunate break after taking a charge for Assult with a Weapon. But soon after probation he was at it agin untill paranoia caught up to him and decided to go cold turkey after one of his closest friends was incarcerated on a life charge for methanphedamain. Young Jay has always had a musical presence about him since he was a teenager chillin on the block with his older brother, cousins and friends from the Nine Side Click in Washington but Young Jay was never once affiliated with a color. Young Jay says "I am down wit all the niggas and esas cuz they all got money, greens the only color I am affiliated with." Now he's doing the best and still one of the hardest out, so stay tuned for what this youngster has in store. It's get rich or die tryin' and Young Jay is immortal.