Houston, Texas, USA

Otenki is a wild, energetic mix of heart filled lyrics and ripping guitars! Deep in the heart of Texas, these six rockers have blazed a trail touring the nation coast to coast (including spots on WARPED TOUR and TASTE OF CHAOS!) Creating a fan base and leaving their mark everywhere they go!


If Otenki believes in one thing, it's destiny. Ten months ago, guitarist Fausto Padilla searched for an outlet to release his musical duality. Today, he comprises one fifth of the Houston, TX rock n' roll band along with Enoma Asowata, Hector Tenorio, German Hernandez, and David Black. "With my first band the music is very complex and is heavily based on the bands socio-political ideology," says Padilla of his first project. "Otenki is for all intents and purposes, a way to express what I felt emotionally. The best way to describe it is that my first band is my brain where as Otenki is my heart."

Padilla, who also works as the group's primary songwriter, posted ads on various Houston websites in hopes to find the musical line-up to be Otenki. Almost simultaneously, local musician Enoma Asowata was growing frustrated playing with unmotivated bands in the area. "I had been jamming around town with various musicians. Some were good, some were bad and nothing really was coming out of it," lamented Asowata. "I was surfing a site where musicians post ads, and I came across Fausto's ad. It was old but I didn't see a reason not to email the guy." Once the e-mail was sent, the two musicians met and went through a few songs they had written on their own. Instantly, they noticed a common musical ground to stand on that included an affinity for bands like: Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, Hot Rod Circuit, Thursday and Saves The Day.

As a team, Padilla and Asowata were pleased with the results their collaborative efforts provided but still lacked other members to complete the band. That's when Asowata's friend David Black, of the former Clear Lake band Amberline stepped in to play bass. "This was perfect timing really. Enoma and I have been friends for a while and the idea of being in another band rekindled my desire to really take music somewhere," stated Black. Hector Tenorio a close friend to Fausto was asked to come in on drums. German Hernandez, Padillas cousin was brought in to fill the role of front man. The band draws upon its various musical influences to create an unprecedented mixture of rock, punk, power-pop, indie and emo. The foundation of Otenkis sound is a mixture of pop vocals coupled with intricate lead guitar riffs, driving bass lines, rhythm guitar and a powerful drum section. Otenki only has a few performances under its belt but the young band has already made a name for itself with their vehement and explosive live show. The band has already opened for respected Houston bands like Nadiri, Fly Mordecai, Heist At Hand, Satin Hooks, The Last Place You Look, and Doghouse Records artists Cruiserweight.

The young and talented band from Houston, Texas in less than a year will have released it's first EP, and spring tour including a spot on the Taste Of Chaos tour featuring The Used and My Chemical Romance.

Otenki only has one desire and thats to spread their infectious form of rock n roll to as many people as possible.


"Covina" Release Date: 3-05-2005

3 tracks from the EP are available for streaming audio at www.myspace.com/otenki

Set List

Our typical set list includes all the tracks on our debut EP"Covina" as well as four other songs entitled, "Good Luck With That", "Black and Blue", "Atmosphere", "Ima", and "Ventura County".