Other Lovers

Other Lovers

 Austin, Texas, USA

Other Lovers is a marriage between the edgy, rough feelings of rock n roll and the traditional, foot-stomping styles of folk. Love, hate, & partying are what we all live for anyway.


At a time when indie folk is as calculated and distilled as mainstream pop, Austin, Texas folk rock 'n roll band Other Lovers bring the rawness, heart and the damn feels that had been all but abandoned by indie-folkers the moment their genre became a corporate commodity. Formed in 2010 by singer Megan Fowler and singer/guitarist Brandon Boyd, Other Lovers immediately stood out in Austin as a duo completely unhinged and uninhibited. The duo comes off as a punk rock June Carter and Johnny Cash, deeply committed to both the honesty and intensity of their music and the endless party that surrounds them.

With straight forward orchestrations of songs about love, partying and heartache, their debut album Sweet Lovin' was an impressive lo-fi release that showcased the duo's strong songwriting and soulful performances captured raw. In the time following the release of Sweet Lovin' Other Lovers made the decision to grow into a full band, adding three new members to round out the group and evolving sonically into a tight southern / country rock band that could exist comfortably alongside Harvest-era Neil Young, ZZ Top and Big Star while still maintaining the folk-punk energy established as a duo.

Born To Party/Born To Be Old, Other Lovers' debut EP as a full band (out November 26, 2013 on Oscillations Records) projects the heart of Other Lovers' signature stylings through six different lenses with the style and swagger that the band has made itself known for. From the punkabilly  of "22" to the pure classic rock of "Can't Party Here" and the campfire singalong "Bulleit", Born To Party/Born To Be Old carries us from the party's raucous beginnings to it's honest end.


Nov 2014 - LP - "Hoot" on Oscillations Records

2013 - EP - "Born To Party/Born To Be Old" on Oscillations Records

2012 - LP - "Sweet Lovin'"