Young and NEW! Original compositions. Wild performances. and they ROCK!


OTHERNESS is a new and young rock group born in Comodoro Rivadavia –a southern city from La Patagonia, Argentina.
The band has played the whole underground scene in Buenos Aires. Those gigs included many well known clubs and theatres.
They are: Martin Cativa (vocals & guitar), Gonzalo Cativa (vocals & bass), Adrián Bersais (electric piano, keys & backing vocals) and Pablo Gaggioni (drums).
OTHERNESS means “the quality of being not alike; being distinct or different from that otherwise experienced or known”. Anyway, this “otherness” means rock and roll freedom to express whatever you want.
Rock Music is a medium of artistic expression with the power to promote the appreciation of life globally. The appreciation of life is an imperative for a planet where environmental catastrophes and human relationships based on greed, discrimination, violence, anxiety, paranoia, favor decadence and worldly destruction.
_”Why do you wish fame and fortune and cheese macaroni?”
_”… we just know financial crises”.
OTHERNESS sings to the freedom reigning in the love for friendship and artistic creativity.
OTHERNESS is a hard working rock group that goes to the top of the top. As a chinese proverb says: “if you fall 7 times, get up 8”.



Written By: Martin Cativa - Gonzalo Cativa


music feeds my mind on a dream of you –c’mon!
and melodies arise like a warming tune –c’mon!
give your heart and play your part to non-rusting songs

violin reminds me of the young poor boys –c’mon!
living in the street with their humble coats –c’mon!
there’s no life in city’s strife but artists go on!

there’s something amazing about you
a sound wild and beautiful
like songs in a gloomy avenue
changing your mood and lighting up the youth

even though sometimes a destiny is rough –c’mon!
you can demolish the desolation wall –c’mon!
brings a fear along the strings, a romantic hone

this hard road of hope is made of sweat and blood –c’mon!
no one can deny the place you build with love –c’mon!
intuition is the map, we know where we go

there’s something unfailing about you
a sound wild and beautiful
like songs in a gloomy avenue
bursting in light, revealing what is new

even though sometimes a destiny is rough –c’mon!


2008. EP "Otherness Lite Edition".

Single: "Once Begop"

Video: "Once Begop"

Radio Airplay songs: "once begop", "do-re-main", "fix and fuss".

Set List

Lates tour Set List:

1. breed (nirvana)
2. did you begin?
3. needles and pins (ramones version)
4. from a brick
5. rock and roll ride
6. 5 o'clock
7. anarchy in the uk (sex pistols)
8. discern
9. and if i say
10. through the mill
11. do-re-main
12. all apologies (nirvana)
13.redemption song (bob marley)
14. fix and fuss
15. everlong (foo fighters)
16. rape me (nirvana)
17. once begop