we'll make you laugh, we'll make you cry. pop music with indie rock rough edges. every song is a new turn.


the music started with jesse playing out on his piano and a record player that played some sparse backing tracks. luckily, martin and craig saw his set and realized this kid needs a band. that was 3 years ago. since then, they have made a name for themselves playing all over new york city with weekly residencies at the red lion (bleeker street), slane (macdougal street) and whisky bar (hoboken). there highest exposure gig however has been their regular residency under the arch in washington sq. park where jesse wheels out his piano and craig brings his drum set and the two rip it up. they've sold thousands of cd's doing this gig, and it continues to prove to be a great place for building fans and making friends.


we just completed our first cd, if a tree falls . . .

we've had tracks played on WLIR in long island, Krock in NYC, and 103.1 indie rock in LA.

Set List

we have tons of songs. our set list of late has been:

save my soul
getting hi
goodbye america
get ready
12 beers
cadillac dreams
moving to brooklyn
sail on
same in name
weight of the world
no tomorrow

we also do covers of baby got back and seven army nation.