Chicago, Illinois, USA

Live, composed and improvised, smooth and mellow, loud and proud. Otis is made of 7 people who came together to create a sound they had all been waiting to hear.


Otis is a soul group that's gaining momentum in Chicago with their original songs and high energy shows. Otis consists of a singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and a horn section that kicks the sound up a notch.

Comprised of dedicated musicians from all parts of the U.S (California, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Boston, Michigan, St. Louis) Otis pulls their influences from the roots of soul (Sly, Curtis, Stevie ect.) to more modern groups who they feel are setting the standard (Soulive, Lettuce, Rh Factor).

Constantly listening and analyzing, Otis is writing tunes that they feel good about, and hope you will to. Their live sets have a nice flow to them, with intense highs and soulful lows, and enough improvisation to keep the listeners on their toes.

Set List

No Man Alive
Get Yourself Together
Slave Ship
For A Writer
If You Want Me to Stay (Sly and the Family Stone)
Ill Stay (RH Factor)
Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition was In (Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings version)
Sissy Strut (The Meters)
Enorabuena (Eric Krasno
Sexy (Soulive interlude)