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It should be noted that Otis Jackson, Sr. -- father to both Madlib and Oh No -- has a brand new album out. The family patriarch was a soul singer back in the day, and recorded with the likes of David Axelrod and H. B. Barnum, among others. "The Art of Love" sounds kind of like a late-era Barry White effort, with plenty of twinkling keys, way-enriched guitar licks, and romantically-minded crooning. A lot mellower than the brach, synthesized sounds of "today's R&B", it's more on the smooth jazz/quiet storm tip. The younger Jacksons also produce one track each. Check it out. - mp3.com

Keeping things in the family, Otis Jackson gets his kids in for some remix duty on "The Art of Love" - but whilst you might be dreading the wedding photos coming out, it's worth mentioning who these siblings happen to be...Madlib and Oh No the Disrupt. Interested now? Smooth as golden syrup, "The Art of Love" is the kind of record that should come wrapped in silk sheets - fusing together R&B, funk and generous dollops of soul, this is music that will have you lighting the candles and getting the other half round for some hanky panky....Elevated from the soul doldrums by the nice and crispy remixes courtesy of the lads (Madlib's 'With You On My Side Hip Hop' being of particular note), "The Art of Love" is worth some chin stroking. - Boomkat.com

Otis Jackson is the father of Madlib and Oh No, a man whose vocal genes have clearly been put to good use by his offspring, while the elder's husky voice carries a soulful authority which only age and experience can bring. "It's All the Same" sees dad team-up with number two son for a song so good, it's all the more surprising that it isn't on Stonesthrow (Oh No's 'signed-to' label) Oh No's version features wobbly breaks doomy riffs for increased atmosphere (there's an instrumental too), but hang on to your hats until you've heard the R&B version, a bona fide old school sensual soul jam with oodles of Oxnard funk. Not sure which one is the original, but who cares when the choice to play one or the other is this difficult? - Picadilly Records, UK

A Barry White for the 21st Century -- seved up by the father of Madlib and Oh No! Otis Jackson's a soul singer from 'way back', and although the album's a contemporary one, it's filled with great '70's touches that really appeal to our dusties-trained ears! - Neo Soul

Otis Jackson is not only a talented soul vocalist and jazz musician but the father of Stonesthrow dynamos Madlib and Oh No. This is his first album in many years and his sons have come along for the ride weighing in with production on a track each and both delivering grimey digital beats to juxtapose their father's vocals. The rest of the album will appeal to R&B fans with the sound firmly rooted in 80's soul. - FatCity.com

There is another Jackson record on the shelves right now: The Art of Love, featuring beats from Madlib. But this is Otis Jackson, Sr. - the father of Madlib and Oh No and the financier for Lootpack's first record (some of which is colleccted on The Lost Tapes). Most of the eldest Jackson's comeback record is straight-ahead R&B for the grown folks, but the kids supply a few remixes. It's a father-son game that puts loyalty and love over what sounds fashionable. It can be a bit unnerving hearing Jackson's velvety, occasionally over-the-top croon atop Madlib and Oh No's smoked-out bottom-heavy wobblers, but you can tell none of them care - and it's a beautiful thing. - by Hua Hsu


"Lease on my Heart" single 7" vinyl on Royal Crest Records
"Turn Out the Lights" single 7" vinyl on Cal-Full Records
"Message to the Ghetto" single 7" vinyl on Mega Records
"It's All The Same" EP 12" vinyl on CDP Records
"Otis Jackson, The Art of Love" CD album on CDP Records

"Don't Ya' Know (It's Gettin' Better)" from "The Art of Love"
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Otis Jackson is a Balladeer.
Otis Jackson was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and moved to Oxnard, California with his family when he was a young boy. While attending school, he sang in the choir, the A Cappella choir, and also sang lead in the church choir. As a teen, he entered several talent shows, singing R&B and ballads, winning top honors each time. He soon was noticed and wooed by several record labels, including Double Shot and Motown, signing with Royal Crest Records and recording “Lease On My Heart”.
Otis has performed on shows and toured extensively throughout the United States with several popular acts. The Whispers, Ike and Tina Turner, O C Smith, Lou Rawls, Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Watts Band are a few of the acts with which he has performed. He was signed with Mega Records and recorded “Message To The Ghetto”. He toured for a few more years and made the unselfish decision to take a sabbatical from music to help raise his family. When his sons were teens and showed an interest in the field of entertainment, Otis started an independent record label, Crate Diggas Palace Records (CDP Records), invested in his sons and their crew (the Lootpack (inclusive of Madlib, Wild Child and DJ Romes), Oh No, Declaime, Kankick, Medaphoar, God’s Gift, and Kazi) and helped to groom and guide their development in the music of their choice, Underground Hip Hop.
Now that his sons, Madlib and Oh No the Disrupt, are on their own and doing well with their producing, rapping and DJ’ing, Otis and his wife, Sinesca Faddis-Jackson, have completed a collection of R&B love songs beautifully encapsulated in an album entitled “The Art of Love”. His two sons, Madlib and Oh No the Disrupt, who have produced and performed nationally and globally and are well known in the Underground Hip Hop genre all over the world, were asked by Otis to join in the project and produce their creative remixes of a couple of songs to be featured on the album. “The Art of Love” was created from this family collaboration.
His powerful voice resonates with silky, smooth soul inspired by legendary artists like Barry White and Isaac Hayes. Otis takes this classic balladeer style and incorporates it with a fusion of funky base lines and melodic guitar to soothe the senses. Otis Jackson is now poised to burst out of obscurity with this collection of love songs.