Otis Johnson Band

Otis Johnson Band


We're three down home boys playing live rock and roll Americana music (originals and covers) in any juke joint that'll have us. We've played the Seattle scene, in one form or another, for the past ten years.


Otis, Stu, and Longmoon are half-brothers, the sons of Phineas Johnson. They've been playing music together (in one form or another) for over ten years, and have found that they're happiest when playing old school country, folk, blues, and rock and roll.

Otis is the leader and is most responsible for getting the band into trouble. Lucky for him, he can usually sing his way out of it.

Stu is the good natured one, everyone's friend. Loyal to the end, Stu would go through heck and back to help you out.

Longmoon is quiet and reserved, not too outgoing...except when he's at his drums. And then he'll go all night, if they let him.

Set List

OLD TRIANGLE (02.17.07)

Frankie & Albert (Taj Mahal)
Let It Bleed (Rolling Stones)
Tougher Than The Rest (Bruce Springsteen)
Cakewalk (Taj Mahal)
Little Old Wine Drinker Me (Robert Mitchum)
Radio King (Golden Smog)
Long Black Veil (Danny Dill w/Marijohn Wilkin)
Apartment Song (Tom Petty) <-- listen to this performance under Audio tab
Busted (Waylon Jennings)
Long Time Leaving (Waylon Jennings)
Moonshiner (??)
Hard Luck Story (Whiskey Town)
Nothing But The Bone (original)
Love Ain't For Keepin' (The Who)
The Kid Are Alright (The Who)
Join Me Down The Hill (original)
Penniless Fool (original)
Sadie (original)
Hickory Wind (Graham Parsons)
Sam McGrew (original)
Angeline (original)
High Flyin' Bird (Richie Havens)
Epic (original)
Matter Of Timing (Pat Chamberlin & Brett Mercier)