O.T.I.S.-Out There In Space
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O.T.I.S.-Out There In Space

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Out There In Space- Powermusic"

Music from Out There In Space, O.T.I.S, is a new Detroit group experimenting with various sounds and genres of music.

“We call it pop-pop,” Walter ‘Haz Mat’ Howard, a member of O.T.I.S., said. “We’re taking elements of dance music and trying to incorporate it into [rhythm and blues] and different areas that are out right now. A lot of people are seriously not with the status quo.”

Howard and his three group mates, Matthew ‘G.O.’ Jones, Wendell Dewdny and Pierre ‘P.A.’ Anthony, come together to make music that goes against the grain of what’s pushing the entertainment marketing machine today.

“We don’t talk about drugs or a bunch of sexually explicit things,” Howard said. “We’re trying to put out decent dance music with a message behind it.”

Mixing elements of Detroit’s best electronic, funk and even ghetto tech, they pride themselves on producing music that has a positive message with a feel-good dance energy.

“We’re trying to create a sound that’s organic and unique specifically to Detroit,” Howard said. “I think Detroit has a feel you can’t get anywhere else in the world. We’re trying to bring the dress-to-sweat days back around.”

Their musical arsenal is equipped with a saxophone player that doubles as the sound engineer; a poetic writer; a triple threat rapper-singer-writer and a talk-box playing keyboardist. Their space-age theme is apparent in their branding and musical sound. If you question the integrity of their product, they will assure you it’s not just marketing.

“We actually really are aliens,” Jones said. “We wanted to pick something universal because music is a universal language.”

The group believes the universal appeal of music leaves musicians with a huge responsibility for the quality of their work. Like many independent artists, they enjoy artistic freedom and are not interested in creating music for the sole purpose of making money.

“Over time you can get confined into what people want,” Howard said. “Systematically, music has been dumbed down. I’m glad that we have a product we could put on for your grandma or your little child. ”

The perpetual degradation of music and artists with actual talent frustrates the group. As working musicians passionate about their craft, they have watched a variety of factors trump talent on many occasions.

“I’ve worked my whole life passionately as a musician and I can’t get the breaks,” Howard said. “I’ve literally had people tell me I’m too talented for a particular project.”

As musical director for O.T.I.S., Howard is focused on consistently putting out positive music that will eventually begin to change the paradigm of what is being consumed today.

“Anything else would be like disrespecting ourselves,” Jones said. “If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it for real and for the right reasons with the right energy behind it.”

Positive energy from friends, family and fans have been propelling the group forward. Jones’ father, Matthew Jones, manages the group. The team originally started as a production team but transitioned into full-fledged artists with encouragement from fans.

“We are a very blessed group of individuals,” Jones said. “People were latching onto it so fast we said ‘this can really go somewhere.’ They [fans] push us.”

The future excites O.T.I.S. In 2011, they are looking forward to coming out with their debut album The Invasion. Currently they have released two singles “Vibrations” and “Candy Apple.” Their mix-tape, Power Music features a host of Detroit talent and is available on their Web site and all online music outlets.

For more information about O.T.I.S. visit www.outthereinspace.com - The Michigan Citizen






Originating from a distant planet...deep within the Milky Way Galaxy…comes a force summoned by the last Humans on Earth. These Earthlings are the TRUE LOVERS OF MUSIC! These earthlings have escaped the terrible trance that the vital state of music has placed over they're species blind eyes, they're deaf ears, and has filled they're minds with idiocracy! OTIS has answered the call of distress which was sent to their native planet. O.T.I.S. is an energy that vibrates heavily across the solar system that has arrived here on planet earth with one challenging mission...TO SAVE OUR MUSIC AND YOURZ!!