Atlanta, Georgia, USA

From Atlanta, Georgia, Otium draws from all music to put on a memorable rock performance. With a dynamically versatile and tight rhythm section, lingering harmonies, and melodic guitars, Otium often surprises those who catch their live shows.


Otium is an Atlanta-based band formed by a group of friends that come from totally different backgrounds and tastes in music but all had a love for Rock. The band crosses americana rock with psychedelic, jazz, and latin styles while heavily influenced by mid-60's style vocal harmonies and driving rhythm sections. Otium is Tommy Uribe, Michael Denness, Kegan Krogh and Fernando Echeverry; but Otium is known to perform shows with friends and other musicians for all around fun live jam sessions and performances!


Otium - EP
Victory - EP

Set List

Otium is prepared to play from less than one hour to three hours of music. They have an hour and a half of original music and have an extensive list of covers in their repertoire.