Otofuke is Japanese acoustic guitar duo.They play instrumental songs.Employing rather new guitar techniques including tapping, slapping, body hitting, etc., they express their own view of the world only with two acoustic guitars. Itfs sure their live performance will turn you on.


Kenta is a Japanese composer/guitar player. His play style is quite unique: he uses every guitar technique imaginable, like two hands tapping, slapping, body hitting, picking, finger picking, etc.
Hefs been inspired by numerous musicians and artists, for example, Toru Takemitsu (Japanese modern composer), Jinmo (Japanese modern musician), Robert Jr, Lockwood (Blues guitar player), Freddie King (also blues guitar player) and Taro Okamoto (Japanese modern artist) and so on.

Takashi Ishii is also a Japanese guitar player. He began playing this instrument under the influence of rock-guitar gurus, such as Chuck Berry, Hotei (Japanese musician), etc. Now he plays the acoustic guitar as if playing the electric one. Thatfs why his play is so stimulating.

Such Otofuke's sound is very unique and stimulating.


"kaun" May,2003 (sold out)
"Butterfly Effect+" Jun,2004
If you access to their web site,you can listen their sound.

Set List

2.Over the Border
3.Butterfly Effect+
4.Theme from Lupin the 3rd '78