New York City, New York, USA


Otterclan is the world’s band. A group of musicians hailing from (New York, Vienna, Sao Paulo, and Stockholm). Otterclan is based in the New York and has an ever- expanding fan base in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. Together since 2009, Otterclan is best known for engaging the audience to dance and participate, encouraging them to become involved as a true part of the show, creating an enriching and purposeful atmosphere. “Its not just a rock show but something bigger.” The audience and the band are part of the same living breathing beast. “Their colorful live performance is filled with passion and energy—delivering a show that is refreshing to watch and musically solid and fun.” (No Pulp Music Blog 2011)

Otterclan has spent the last two years refining their craft in New York’s underground music scene, filling music hot spots like Cameo’s, Pianos, Arlene’s Grocery and completing multiple artist residencies at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn where the band would experiment on stage with light and sound. Often covered in the Village Voice in its experimental section. The band is also busy offering its services to various projects over the globe being used in theatre and film.

Otterclan formed when long time friends Gregory Henits (bass) and Chris Cerny (guitar) began sending musical ideas back and forth via email in late 2008. Where one would have an idea it would be sent over and elaborated on, until a complete song was finished. It wasn’t until Katharina put her unique vocal stamp on this material that the Otterclan was formed. Gregory and Katharina met studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. It is there through close friends that they were introduced to Lelo Lorenzo a photographer and graphic designer. After an impromptu jam session at a Halloween party the line up was complete and the band was solidified. Soon after Chris Cerny moved to New York to study at S.A.E a prestigious sound engineering school in midtown Manhattan.

The name Otterclan was chosen because it holds strong ties to childhood experimentation and it evokes a kinship with nature. Once drummer Lelo Lorenzo joined the group in 2009 the current line up has built a reputation in the Underground music scene in New York, Vienna, and Stockholm as one of the most exciting up and coming bands today. Leaving us all wanting to know where this band will go next.

There is simply no band like the Otterclan. Growing up in vastly different parts of the world, Katharina Stenbeck on lead vocals from Stockholm, Sweden, Gregory Henits on bass from Manhattan, New York, Lelo Lorenzo on drums from Sao Palo, Brazil and Chris Cerny on guitar from Vienna, Austria. Each member is influenced by completely distinct genera’s of music. Each member brings a secure creative instinct that not only cannot be ignored and will not be soon forgotten.