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The best kept secret in music


Otto & George: Uproariously Blue

To say that the ventriloquist “team” of Otto & George works blue is to say that the Devil dabbles in mischief. On

stage, Otto Petersen (ostensibly the human half of the duo, though this may require further substantiation) is in a

constant struggle to rein in the twisted, profane rants of his wooden counterpart, George. His efforts fail

miserably, and the result is a bawdy and raucous show that scales rarely explored heights of outrageousness and

displays questionable taste. It’s also one of the funniest acts you will ever see.

JFK and JFK Jr. Jon Benet Ramsey. Michael Jackson. Jeffrey Dahmer. Carnal knowledge of Miss Piggy. Profanity,

obscenity, and scatology — all were suitably and hilariously probed by a relaxed and confident Otto at his most

recent show at The Brokerage Comedy Club.

“I’ve played on Long Island a bunch of times,” said Petersen. “It’s like home.”

Indeed, the home crowd was happy to follow where Otto and George led, particularly during a blazing opening 20

minutes that seamlessly mixed familiar material with new riffs. Otto’s response to the crowd? “I felt great. I felt

like I was in control.” It was particularly important to him to have a good show going into a break before resuming

both his normal schedule and joining up with Opie and Anthony’s Traveling Virus Tour, which will stop at Jones Beach

on June 16. “I needed that last show to be good just for my sanity,” he said.

At any moment during an Otto and George show, you may hear an equal mixture of laughter and groans. Such was the

case with some of the more graphic humor at this performance. “I guess they’ll either think I’m an (expletive

deleted) and a monster for saying it, or they’ll just think it’s funny and go ‘That’s the sickest (censored) thing I

ever heard, you’re off the hook’ … I’ll take a stampede over silence.” As for the ability of the act to provoke such

a wide reaction, Otto expresses amusement. “It’s funny to me, that a puppet could have that power.”

Since his last appearance in Long Island, a series of earthquakes has rocked the entertainment world: Don Imus and

his producer, fired; J.V. and Elvis, fired; Opie and Anthony, suspended from satellite radio; Luis Jimenez,

suspended by Univision Radio. For an act that works the way Otto and George does, it would seem that this change in

the comedy atmosphere would be ominous.

“My take is that when you apologize at any point that it just makes their point stronger,” he said. “They should

always just go ‘It’s a comedy show — if you don’t like it, don’t listen.’… They’re trying to control thought and

what you say and what you hear.”

And just who is responsible for trying to exert this

“There’s like this invisible power that you never really know who’s actually doing it, whether it’s the FCC, or

there’s just too many f****** people without a sense of humor wasting so much time on a talk radio show. Who cares

what’s said or heard? It’s a bunch of balloon heads listening to the radio. They’re not complaining. It’s somebody

that doesn’t even listen to the show that usually complains.” The spread of the sanitization process to a private
pay service like XM is of particular concern. “It’s like somebody orders Cinemax After Dark and then complains they

saw a nipple on the screen.”

Otto & George will be busy this summer with area shows, a smattering of national appearances, and The Traveling

Virus Tour. If The Brokerage show proved anything, it is that the duo’s comedic chops are in excellent shape for

whatever awaits them. As for Otto’s state of mind at this point in his career? “I don’t know where these dark

thoughts come from,” he said. “They just gotta come out.”

Here’s hoping that they continue to do just that.

(For all things Otto and George, visit; for information on The Brokerage Comedy Club, including a

calendar of events, visit

– Michael Lee - Good Times Magazine, New York


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No matter what you think you're seen or heard before, you have never seen anything as outrageous as the legendary Otto & George. Within seconds of hitting the stage, Otto's mannequin George comes to life with a explosive barrage of insults, bad taste and pontifications about life that would even make a truck driver blush. He'll lay waste to every politically correct social precept, the first two rows of those in the audience and anyone daring enough to get up to go to the bathroom. When Otto & George co-hosted the Porno Awards in Las Vegas, they were later told that he offended the people in attendance. Now that's extreme.
Otto is a regular closing act at Caroline's on Broadway, The Riviera in Las Vegas, and every major comedy club in the country. He was a featured performer on Showtime's "Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen," Penn & Teller's TV Specials, The Playboy Channel and HBO. Everyone loves Otto & George it is not uncommon to see movie, TV, and other nationally known celebrities in the audience of an Otto & George show. One of Otto's big fans is The King of All Media himself, Howard Stern. Once when Otto & George were working in Chicago, comedy genius George Carlin attended Otto's show, saying that he had heard about Otto for years and just had to make time to come see him. Mr. Carlin later said that the one hour ride to see Otto was well worth the trip and that he loved Otto's work and bold approach to stand up comedy. Otto and George's truly tasteless and twisted comedy is a no holds barred show. If you like your comedy completely over the line, this is a must see!